A former employee of a subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings, a major advertising company, was arrested on suspicion of fraud for ordering a gift card worth 1 billion yen from a business partner without permission and defrauding it.

The person arrested was Tsukasa Kobayashi (47), a former employee of Hakuhodo Products, a subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in November, 200,000 gift cards and 1 billion yen worth of gift cards were ordered from a business partner in Tokyo without permission, and there is a suspicion of fraud.

Kobayashi is believed to have repeatedly ordered a gift card unrelated to the business, cashed it in the name of the company, and ordered the gift card again to pay the customer.

He was discovered by contact from a business partner, and he was disciplinary dismissed last January.

He admits to the investigation that he "must have been deceived."

The Metropolitan Police Department will place an order for 25 billion yen without permission for the five years until December, of which approximately 400 million yen will be used for living expenses and repayment of car loans, excluding payments to business partners. I'm investigating it as if it was.