An organization made up of actors and musicians will set up a new consultation desk next month in order to create an environment that cares for the hearts of people who work in the entertainment world, such as entertainers and staff who have troubles. I did.

This consultation desk is being prepared for the establishment by the "Japan Performers Association" made up of actors and musicians.

According to the association, more and more entertainers and staff are suffering from accusation or accusation on SNS, but it is difficult to use general consultation desks and other mental care. It means that the environment for doing this is not well prepared.

The new consultation desk is currently preparing for the opening on the 1st of next month, as clinical psychologists and others will accept consultations on all mental problems for people engaged in the entertainment world. That is.

Megumi Morisaki, the representative director of the Japan Performing Arts Association, said, "Mental care for performing arts workers has been an issue for a long time, but due to the Korona-ka, many people have mental problems. I want to reduce the burden as much as possible by creating a place where people can live. "