China News Service, Zhangye, Gansu, May 11 (Ai Qinglong) On the 11th, the "Emergency Mission 2022" earthquake relief and disaster relief exercise in the plateau and alpine regions was launched in Zhangye, Gansu.

Gansu, as an important strategic channel connecting the east to the west, connecting the south to the north, and an important hub for west-to-east power transmission and west-to-east gas transmission, this exercise studies and explores the use of rescue forces in plateau areas and alpine conditions, innovation in technical tactics, and comprehensive support method to further strengthen the whole society's emergency awareness and emergency skills.

  The exercise simulated a 7.5-magnitude "earthquake" in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City.

The strong earthquake affected many cities and prefectures in Gansu. Houses in the "disaster-stricken area" collapsed and damaged, roads, electricity, water supply, gas, and communications were partially interrupted.

  At the main exercise site, there were three explosions, and a black mushroom cloud rose into the air, simulating the natural gas and crude oil leakage and explosion caused by the earthquake in the Zhangye operation area of ​​the second line of the West-East Gas Pipeline.

At the scene, 5 fire-fighting chemical professional teams worked together, adopted all-foam tactics, and built a three-dimensional fire-fighting system of "air-ground coordination" through advanced fire-fighting equipment such as foam tube guns, mobile guns, fire-fighting robots, snow-cannon robots, and fire-fighting drone formations.

Rescue workers use modern equipment to understand the interior of the collapsed building.

Photo by Ai Qinglong

  The "strong earthquake" also caused a moving China-Europe freight train to derail and overturn, trapping the locomotive driver in the front of the locomotive, scattering containers in the freight yard, and dispersing dangerous chemicals; at the same time, a freight train on the Longhai Line braked in an emergency in the tunnel, trapping the driver. ...

  The drone launched back into the air to transmit the three-dimensional model of the scene, and continuously detected the leakage and diffusion of chemical substances on the scene. The all-terrain reconnaissance robot shuttled through multiple fire spots.

Subsequently, nine crawler-type all-terrain fire-fighting robots sprayed foam and hit the fire directly. Fire rescue personnel and underground professional teams rescued the drivers trapped in the locomotive of the China-Europe train and the people trapped in the tunnel.

At the same time, the joint rescue team carried out emergency disposal of the hazardous chemicals released.

  In addition to the main venue, four cities in Gansu, Jiayuguan, Jiuquan, Jinchang, and Wuwei have set up sub-exercise venues, and four external venues are set up according to scenic spots, high-rises, underground, and railways. The terrain includes snow-capped mountains, Gobi, sandbars, and grand canyons.

  The exercise was jointly held by the State Council Earthquake Relief Headquarters Office, the Emergency Management Department and the Gansu Provincial People's Government.