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How to reconstruct the intimate life of our ancestors?

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“Intimate prehistory.

Living in the shoes of Homo Sapiens”.

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By: Caroline Lachowsky

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How to reconstruct the intimate life of our ancestors?

How did the Homo Sapiens who populated Europe between 40,000 and 10,000 years before our era dress?

How were they cared for?

How did they treat their dead?


Let's give body to our ancestors, to the first Homo Sapiens who lived between 40,000 and 10,000 years before our era, by trying to approach as closely as possible their intimate life and their most daily gestures: their ornaments and their finery. bodily to the most immaterial possible: their sensory perceptions and their emotions... How to explore, for example, touch through the raw materials that these men women and children used, or their sight and their gaze through the spaces underground they frequented and even their feelings, their emotions through the diversity of their funerary practices and the care they lavished on themselves... 

With the archaeologist

Sophie Archambualt de Beaune

for her book

Intimate Prehistory - Living in the skin of Homo Sapiens

published in the Folio collection.


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