On May 9, aerial photography was taken at the Rongjiang Campus of Ganzhou Middle School in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Students were seen participating in crop planting and learning labor skills in the "sky garden" on the roof of the school building.

In recent years, Ganzhou Middle School has promoted the combination of labor education and daily teaching. By opening up a small vegetable garden on the campus roof, each class has been divided into a "responsible field", allowing students to grow corn, peppers, tomatoes and other crops under the guidance of teachers. The hardships and joys of labor, cultivate the good habits of diligence, thrift, and love of labor.

The picture shows the aerial photography of "air vegetable gardens" on the roof of the school building.

Photo by Zhu Haipeng

Release time: 2022-05-10 15:09:42 【Editor: Li Jun】