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La Palma reopens one of its most famous routes to the public: the

Route of the Volcanoes


After having been closed as a result of the volcanic eruption, the Isla Bonita offers hikers this route that allows them to discover

a completely different part of the island

, in contrast to its green north.

The opening has been enabled respecting

certain conditions.

To access the starting point by car, take the LP-301 road from San Isidro (Breña Alta, to the east of the island) in the direction of

Refugio del Pilar.

The trail begins at the Birigoyo firewall (water reservoir).

The route is one of the most famous in the Canary Islands.

More than 24 kilometers is what you expect on an essential route to get to know the great

variety of landscapes

so typical of La Palma.

The Route of the Volcanoes allows you to reach heights that offer the hiker unique views.

It is a demanding test due to the unevenness that will be found but, without a doubt,

an unforgettable experience

in which the walker will be able to visit all the old craters to the southern tip of the island, in Las Salinas.

The path allows you to discover the landscapes of the island. SAÚL SANTOS

In this same space is where the


takes place , the internationally recognized Trail running test that will be held between October 20 and 23.

It is a

challenge with a great slope,

which is why it is considered one of the toughest routes in the world, as well as exciting.

Reference destination for hikers

La Palma is considered the cradle of hiking in Spain.

With more than

1,000 signposted kilometers

throughout its territory, it is possible to enter a unique natural experience through trails of different levels so that anyone,

from the most amateurs to professionals,

can fully enjoy the natural characteristics of La Palma.

A walker, during his journey.G.


Walking the paths of La Palma,

the walker will be able to pass over the traditional paths

that, centuries ago, the inhabitants of the island used to reach different points.

In addition, you will be able to admire the contrasts that prevail in the territory, with

the northern green

contrasting with the volcanic terrain of the south.

Likewise, thanks to its winding orography, hikers can admire

the views from different points

and approach the characteristic ravines of the island, to enliven their journey with completely unbeatable landscapes.

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