China News Agency, Hong Kong, May 9th. In the election of the sixth chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region held on the 8th, Li Jiachao was elected as the sixth chief executive candidate.

A number of Hong Kong newspapers published on the 9th paid close attention to this, and published editorials and editorials one after another, stating that this election marked the full implementation of the new electoral system. New brilliance, writing a new chapter of "one country, two systems".

  The editorial of Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po" believes that this election is another successful election practice after the improvement of the election system and the implementation of "patriots ruling Hong Kong". The characteristic democratic system is a good system that conforms to the reality of Hong Kong and can solve problems.

As the new electoral system takes root in an all-round way, Li Jiachao and the new governance team will stand on a new starting point for governance, firmly adhere to the practical and innovative governance philosophy, increase confidence, reduce differences, and strengthen mutual trust with actions, results and achievements, and lead Hong Kong to seek Stability, development, people's livelihood, give full play to Hong Kong's advantages, seize historical opportunities, make good use of public trust and central support, open a new chapter of good governance and good governance at a new starting point, and make Hong Kong achieve new glories.

  The editorial of Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" pointed out that this election is the first chief executive election after Hong Kong's transition from chaos to governance. The next successful election; second, the superiority of the new electoral system has been fully demonstrated; third, Hong Kong has a historical opportunity to create greater glories.

  The editorial believes that the successful holding of the sixth-term chief executive election marks the full implementation of the new electoral system.

This, together with the in-depth implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the rectification of chaos in key areas, has consolidated Hong Kong's good situation from chaos to governance, promoted the unity and harmony of Hong Kong society, and improved Hong Kong's business environment.

In fact, Hong Kong, standing at a new starting point, has the conditions, advantages and opportunities to achieve the goal of re-creation and brilliance.

  The editorial of the Hong Kong Commercial Daily believes that the successful holding of the election fully demonstrated the advantages of the democratic system with Hong Kong characteristics under the "one country, two systems" principle, and fully implemented the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong".

The election results show mainstream public opinion, reflect the high recognition and general support for Li Jiachao from all walks of life, and also carry the trust and expectation for him to lead Hong Kong's development and improve people's livelihood.

Li Jiachao vowed to undertake the historical mission with loyalty and perseverance, unite and lead Hong Kong people to open a new chapter for Hong Kong, and win the trust of the people with results.

The public believes and expects that under the leadership of the new Chief Executive and his team, all walks of life will work together to create new brilliance from a new starting point, promote Hong Kong's governance and prosperity, and write a new chapter of "One Country, Two Systems".

  "Ming Pao" editorial pointed out that Li Jiachao proposed to unite and unite forces to solve problems with the team culture of "me and us".

Li Jiachao's "100-day New Deal" will reflect the strength and determination of the reform in terms of improving the performance of the SAR government and speeding up the construction of land and housing.

The new SAR government should not only make up its mind to "say goodbye to subdivided housing", but also strive to make Hong Kong a fairer city.

  "Sing Tao Daily" editorial said that after Li Jiachao was elected, he indicated that his primary task was to organize a team, and he would give priority to housing and economic and people's livelihood affairs after taking office, which means that he faced internal and external challenges and problems and must be dealt with without delay. There is no "honeymoon period" at all. "Suffice to say.

Citizens expect him to lead the new team to make short-term achievements with the momentum of his high-voted election, open up new chapters with hard work, solve deep-seated problems that have plagued him for many years, and lead Hong Kong into a new era of good governance and good governance.

  The English-language newspaper "South China Morning Post" also published an editorial that the new crown pneumonia epidemic will still be a test for the new SAR government, and Hong Kong also needs to rebuild business confidence.

Li Jiachao wants to open a new chapter and fulfill his "result-oriented" policy promise.