Singer Young-woong Lim, who started his first solo national tour concert after his debut, prepared a special gift for his fans.

Yesterday (8th), an online community posted a performance review post titled 'Good response from Young-woong Lim's concert'.

In the article published by the author, a photo of the seats spread out in the concert hall, the protruding stage, and blue cushions were attached.

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This cushion was provided at every seat of Young-woong Lim's national tour concert 'I'm Hero (IM HERO)', and considering that the fan age is mainly middle-aged, it was a gift prepared by Lim Young-woong so that he would not feel burdened after sitting for a long time.

The cushions are prepared in different colors for each region of the national tour (Goyang, Changwon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Incheon, and Daegu), and there are a total of 7 colors, so fans can take them out after the performance.

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The height of the protruding stage in the latter part of Lim Young-woong's concert also drew the attention of netizens.

In general, in the case of concert halls with standing seats, the protruding stage was designed to be about the height of an adult male, but considering that there are no standing seats at Young-woong Lim's concert site, it was designed as a protruding stage about the height of an adult woman's waist.

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During Lim Young-woong's first nationwide tour, which showed great consideration for his fans, netizens commented, "You have a sense. It's comfortable and it's a good product!", "The mother who came out with a cushion after the performance was so cute", "It would be fun to collect different cushions for each region." and so on.

After a successful performance in Goyang from the 6th to the 8th, Lim Young-woong will meet his fans in Changwon from the 20th to the 22nd.

(Photo = Lim Young-woong Instagram, Fish Music, Community 'Thecoo', Twitter 'Float')

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