On May 7, Liu Zifeng, a member of the China Film Association and a national first-class actor, passed away.

With his talent and exquisite acting skills, he has performed in "Little Football Team", "Two Girls", "Meet in Twenty Years Later", "Black Cannon Incident", "Dislocation", "Tengu", "Mother for Slave" and "Happy River" ” and other more than 20 films have created vivid and unique characters, which are deeply loved by the audience and praised by industry experts.

  In 1986, he won the Best Actor Award at the 6th China Film Golden Rooster Award for "Black Cannon Incident"; in 2006, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 26th China Film Golden Rooster Award for "Tiangu"; in 2017, he won the 16th China Film Golden Rooster Award. Special honorable mention of the Golden Phoenix Award of the China Film and Performing Arts Society.

  The China Film Association commented on Liu Zifeng as: "Integrating his thoughts and feelings with the people, and truly immersing his heart, feelings, and thoughts into the people, his life was not moved by fame and fortune, not frustrated by hardships, and was not affected by hardships. Proud of success, pursuit of virtue and art, bravely climbing the peak of art, leaving valuable artistic wealth for Chinese film. The passing of Mr. Liu Zifeng is a huge loss to the Chinese film industry, and we are deeply saddened and regretted!" (Producer Music Xiaomin)

Responsible editor: [Li Yuxin]