China News Service, Taiyuan, May 8 (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​On the 8th, China Post issued a set of 1 commemorative postage envelopes for the "120th Anniversary of the Founding of Shanxi University".

After Peking University and Renmin University of China, China Post is one of the seven colleges and universities that have issued special postage stamps for school celebrations across the country.

  The name of the commemorative postage envelope pattern is the 120th anniversary of the founding of Shanxi University, and the issue number is JF138.

The face value of the envelope stamp is 1.20 yuan, and the price is 1.60 yuan.

The envelope stamp size is 30 × 40 mm, the envelope size is 220 × 110 mm, the version is offset printing, and the anti-counterfeiting method is anti-counterfeiting ink. The planned number of issued is 720,000.

Photo courtesy of China Post Shanxi Branch showing the 120th anniversary commemorative cover of Shanxi University

  The background of the stamp design is mainly the school flower lilac, which presents a rich sense of hierarchy through the changes of light and shade of the lines. At the same time, under the lilac, the school concept of "Chinese and Western integration" of Shanxi University and the beauty of the 120 years of success in the past 120 years are brought out by the lilac. It represents diligence, humility, elegant fragrance and long-lasting fragrance, which complements the concept of Zilan Shuhui's willingness to dedicate to running a school.

  The design of the commemorative postage letter is based on the line drawing of Shanxi University Hall by the Wenying Lake as the main axis of the cover design. The building, the bell tower and the lightning rod form the word "mountain", and the bell tower and the building body form the word "west", which means "Shanxi". The word "Shanxi" is cleverly designed into it.

  Starting from May 8, the commemorative postage envelopes for the 120th Anniversary of the Founding of Shanxi University will be sold at designated postal outlets nationwide, philatelic online halls, China Post mobile client, China Post WeChat Philatelic WeChat Mall and China Post Mall WeChat Mini Program. While stocks last.