China News Service, Beijing, May 8 (Liu Yue) Today is Mother's Day.

Some people have said that among all the keywords about mothers, the one we should mention the most, but the one that is most easily forgotten is "I love you".

  So, did you say "I love you" to your mom?

Children show Mother's Day themed paintings.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Suyuan

Love is when I hug the aged you

  Mr. Liu, 53, was wearing an apron and came out of the kitchen with dishes when his 86-year-old mother was hobbling through the living room.

  "I looked at my mother's hunchback and said to her naturally, 'Mom, I love you'." Mr. Liu's voice was smiling: "She grinned happily and said, 'I didn't I hurt this son in vain'."

  Mr. Liu's mother is very popular in the village, and everyone likes to call her "Sister Ying".

Ying Jie raised 6 children and brought them up through hardships.

In Mr. Liu's heart, his mother is a "heroic mother": "She has been hard-working, hard-working and tenacious all her life, and she often teaches us to do more good deeds and take the right path."

Group photo of Mr. Liu's family, Mr. Liu (first from left) and mother (second from left).

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  When Mr. Liu was growing up, supplies were extremely scarce, so he remembered something for many years: "At that time, the main meal of our family was white rice covered with sweet potatoes, because the rice was not enough. When I was in junior high school , Once I got home, my mother secretly dragged me into a room, and then took out a piece of meat for me to eat. That piece of meat was kept for several days, and it was only when a relative came to our house that I bought a piece of meat to serve. At that time, meat was a luxury. My mother didn't eat it and saved it for me, and let me eat it in front of her. I will never forget this for the rest of my life."

  As an uncle born in the 60s, Mr. Liu said with a smile that he rarely said "I love you" to his mother directly.

"In most cases, I gave her a hug and said, 'Mom, you have worked hard'", but this attempt was also a good experience for him, "I was a little unaccustomed to it at first, and a little embarrassed, but when I think about my childhood My mother's love for me can be expressed naturally."

  In the bottom of his heart, there is a hidden wish: "I think my mother is the best mother in the world. If there is another life, I will still be my mother's son. This is my happiest thing."

Distance may be the beginning of expressing love

  "Mom~ I love you!!"

  "Baby Mommy loves you too"

WeChat screenshot.

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  The post-90s girl Wei Wei became a designer after graduating.

Drifting in Shanghai, her hometown is far away, but her relationship with her mother has become much closer.

"I used to be more rebellious when I was by my mother's side, and I often disagreed with her, so I wouldn't say things like 'Mom I love you' and 'Mom I miss you'."

  "I am far away from home after work, but I want to express these things to her more. Now I encounter a lot of different things, and I have seen a lot of different news. I feel that you still need to express your emotions to your family in time. Don't be stingy. Love and miss." What makes people smile is that her mother will also fully respond to her daughter's love: "Sometimes my mother will send me a lot of kissing emojis, saying 'baby mother misses you' I will send me a small red envelope during the festival, saying that my mother invited you to breakfast, and I will also return her a small red envelope, wishing my mother good health, so there is still a lot of communication. "

Mother and daughter photo.

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  In the early years, Wei Wei's mother ran a flower shop alone, and dealing with flowers and plants was actually very hard.

"I remember at that time she wanted to send a large bonsai, but she couldn't get in touch with the tricycle master. My mother stepped on the tricycle and carried the heavy plants to the 5th floor by herself. I was young at the time and thought my mother was amazing, but now I think I think if it were me, I would have cried. But my mother didn't say a word at the time, and she came back after moving in and started the next order."

  "My mother is worth learning from. She has experienced a lot, but she still maintains an optimistic and positive attitude towards life." Wei Wei's wishes to her mother are brief and sincere: "I hope that my mother will be healthy, safe and sound, and smile often. ,happiness."

There is a kind of love called "will stick to you"

  Xiao Chen, who is the same age as Wei Wei, also adheres to the concept of "love must be magnanimous".

  "Mom, I love you."

  "I love you too, Dabao"

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  "I always say 'I love you' to my mother. I'm very tired. I'm a 'mother's daughter'. I don't feel ashamed. I grew up eating my mother's food, so it's natural to say this. ." In the eyes of the students, Xiao Chen is a "spicy teacher" who warns him about homework if he doesn't agree with one word, but Xiao Chen, who is by his mother's side, is a clingy "cowboy candy".

As a southern girl, when she was studying in college in the northeast, thousands of miles away, she had to chat with her mother on the phone every day: "Because I am a very family-loving person, I would be very restless when I was out of town, and I had to call at least two times a day. Calling my mother, my mother is annoying. Even the aunt next door begged me to say, can you go and make a boyfriend, don't bother your mother again. "

  There is such a joke circulating on the Internet: "When you go home for more than three days, your mother will start annoying you", and Xiao Chen personally opposes this sentence: "I think it depends on the self-consciousness of this child, if As soon as you get home, you lie in bed and do nothing, your parents will definitely be impatient when they see you, and they should reflect on whether they have done what they can at home."

Mother and daughter photo.

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  Feelings need mutual feedback. Xiao Chen’s attachment to his mother comes from his mother’s love for her: “When I was in elementary school, there was no KFC store in our town. When I was a child, I especially wanted to be able to eat hamburgers. Once my mother went to the city. I came back and bought one for me. I was afraid that the hamburger would be cold, so I put it under the quilt. When I came home from school and was a few hundred meters away from our house, my mother yelled at me, 'You Hurry up and come back, I bought you a hamburger, it should be still warm under the quilt now', I felt so touched at the time."

  Finally, Xiao Chen smiled and said, "I hope my mother can exercise more and be able to stay with me longer."

The tree wants to be quiet and the wind is more than an eternal regret

  39-year-old Luo Qi is a senior executive of a large Internet company. He is young and strong and has a happy family.

In his impression, his mother is a demure, gentle person who loves to read: "During my growth, my mother played a very important role. I liked reading since I was a child because of my mother's influence. When I was a child, my mother's health was not particularly good. , but she still worked hard with my dad to create a good environment for me to grow up."

  "My mother passed away in early 2006, and it has been 16 years now. I just graduated from college at that time." Although many memories have been dusted by the years, Luo Qi will always remember the last time with her mother: "At that time, my parents gave I made steamed buns, the buns that my family ate for lunch. When I went out after lunch, my mother stood at the entrance to see me off. I thought it was an ordinary parting, but I didn’t expect it to be a farewell.”

  It was only after a long time that he realized that the face of the world is less than the face of the world.

At that time, Luo Qi didn't understand this truth, so he had regrets that could not be resolved in his life-until his mother died, he didn't have time to say "I love you" to her.

  Talking about this matter, Luo Qi was a little disappointed: "I didn't say (I love you), on the one hand it is due to personal character, on the other hand, in the age when we were growing up, people were not particularly good at expressing themselves. And with many only children Like a woman, although she said she would know how to be grateful and rewarded, until my mother passed away, I still took her care as a matter of course.”

  The ancients said that a tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn't stop, and a child wants to be nourished but his parents don't wait.

Luo Qi's wish is very simple: "I hope that one more person can see my experience, and I hope that one more person can express 'I love you' directly to my mother."

  Also, the other thing that's a shame is that he couldn't even find a picture with his mom.

Luo Qi said: "You can add a photo of a green tree, because I hope that the sadness of the sigh of the wind tree will not be staged again."

The leaves swayed in the wind.

Photo by Zhu Qidan

  If he could still say a word to his mother, he would say, "I'm all right, don't worry."

  The breeze was blowing, and the leaves rustled like an echo.

i love you hope you live to yourself

  "Love you mom."

  As a boy born in the 1990s, Xiao Cao was a little hesitant before sending this WeChat.

WeChat screenshot.

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  "After sending this sentence, my mother came out of the house and asked me, 'Are you alright, are you doing something stupid again?'" Xiao Cao couldn't help laughing: "Because my family's education was to be independent since I was a child. She doesn't express her love or emotions directly, so when she says this, her first reaction must be that I have done something wrong, or that I have done something stupid again."

  The way Xiao Cao and his mother get along is more like a friend, to be precise, more like a "damaged friend".

"I am a native of Beijing and went to college in Chengdu in 2016. Because I have never left home since I was a child, my parents always thought that I was a weak person, so they said they would send me. After I was sent to school, at that time The two of them were still very reluctant, and asked me to take care of myself." Xiao Cao changed his words: "Then the two of them went to play by themselves the next day, and went to Kuanzhai Alley. I stayed in the school and watched With their circle of friends, all kinds of delicious food, all kinds of photos, they are very happy."

Mother and son photo.

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  In Xiao Cao's impression, her mother is tough and strong, and she manages a large family: "I was in poor health when I was a child. It snowed at night one winter. She carried me to the hospital by herself, and my mother's arms were very warm." , He hoped that his mother could live a little more selfishly: "I hope she can live her own life later, don't think about other things that have nothing to do with herself, we can live as we are happy."

  In "Thirty Only", there is an inner monologue of the heroine: "An important sign of growing up is to tell outsiders all the good things. Those who hurt people, or those who are silent, are said to the most beautiful people. close people."

  However, the inability to control emotions is precisely the manifestation of a person's irrationality and immaturity.

An important sign of growing up should be learning to understand, learn to understand, learn to embrace, learn to say "I love you".

  It's not that difficult to express love in your mouth.

You who are reading this article, don't forget to say "I love you" to your mother, not only today, not only on Mother's Day.