China Weather Network News Coat has to come in handy!

Today (May 7), the impact of cold air still exists. The highest temperature in Beijing is only 19 ℃, and the body feels slightly cool. There is light rain at night, and precautions should be taken.

  Yesterday, the cold air performed another "stubbornness" in May, bringing strong wind + cooling + rainfall to Beijing.

Monitoring shows that the highest temperature in Beijing yesterday was less than 20°C, a drop of more than 10°C compared with 30°C on the 5th, and the temperature turned from hot to cold overnight.

  The coolness of Beijing is still there today. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that it will turn from sunny to cloudy during the day, with light rain in the western mountainous area, and the north to south wind will turn to 2, 3, 4, and the highest temperature will be 19 ℃; 11°C.

  Tomorrow, the temperature in Beijing will continue to drop, or drop to 17 ℃, adding to the coolness.

Although it is late spring, the weather is still fickle, and the jacket has to come in handy.

  Meteorological experts reminded that there is rain in Beijing today and the temperature is low. The public should remember to put on appropriate clothes, beware of colds, and pay attention to rain protection when going out.