[Explanation] At about 7:00 on May 6, a fly ash warehouse dumping accident occurred in Wanbao Delong New Building Materials Co., Ltd., Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, resulting in 7 people being trapped.

At present, 5 people have been rescued, and 4 of them have stable vital signs.

  When a reporter from Chinanews.com arrived at the scene of the incident at about 10 o'clock that day, 14 fire trucks and 83 firefighters mobilized by the Jinzhong Fire Rescue Detachment were carrying out rescue operations.

The reporter saw that the fly ash at the scene was scattered, and the collapsed fly ash warehouse was about 25 meters in diameter and about 50 meters high.

  The collapse of the fly ash silo caused damage to two adjacent smaller silo bodies and the factory building.

Before the local fire department launched the rescue, three workers were rescued and taken to the hospital.

Jinzhong City Fire Rescue Detachment organized the backbone force to rescue the fourth trapped worker.

  [Concurrent] Su Bo, Instructor of Fire Rescue Station, Coking Road, Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province

  Because the bottom was full of cinders at that time, it was difficult to walk, so we built wooden boards to divide the area, and finally found the trapped people.

After he was found, there was a large bucket on his body, and it was described that there should be a bucket weighing four or five tons, which could not be pulled by manpower.

Then we mobilized a large loader to lift it up and rescued the people.

  [Explanation] At the time of the incident, a worker was in the cab of a forklift. After the fly ash bin was dumped, the worker was trapped in the cab of the forklift.

  [Same period] Song Jingkang, instructor of Longhu Street Special Service Station, Fire Rescue Detachment, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province

  At that time, we communicated with this person, and through questioning, he only had a head injury and was injured.

Other parts of the body are not stuck, and the vital signs are relatively stable.

A total of 4 people entered the lower part of the tank. By cutting with a grinder, a manual hydraulic demolition tool set, and a toothless saw, we finally opened a passage about the width of one person's shoulders, and the trapped people climbed out through the passage.

  [Explanation] The worker was rescued at 10:57 and was conscious when he was carried into the ambulance.

He was the fifth rescued.

  Subsequently, the fire rescue department began to search and rescue the remaining two workers.

They are near the damaged factory building, large machinery is opening up a mechanical operation channel, and fire rescue personnel are digging the fly ash.

At present, search and rescue work is still going on.

  Reporter Lu Qi, King Huilin, Shanxi Jinzhong reported

Responsible editor: [Li Yuxin]