China News Service, Jinzhong, May 6 (Reporter Lu Qiguo) At about 7 am on May 6, a fly ash warehouse dumping accident occurred in Wanbao Delong New Building Materials Co., Ltd., Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, resulting in 7 people being trapped .

At present, 5 people have been rescued, and 4 of them have stable vital signs.

Jinzhong City Fire and Rescue Detachment organized personnel to conduct search and rescue.

Photo by Zhao Zimo

  The incident company is located next to the S102 provincial road in Guo Village, Xiuwen Town, Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province.

The collapsed fly ash silo was about 25 meters in diameter and 50 meters high.

Firefighters are opening a rescue channel to rescue an injured and trapped person.

Photo by Zhao Zimo

  After the collapse of the fly ash warehouse, two adjacent smaller warehouses and workshops were damaged, and 7 workers were trapped.

Before the local fire department launched the rescue, three workers were rescued and taken to the hospital.

  When a reporter from arrived at the scene of the incident at about 10 o'clock, 14 fire trucks and 83 firefighters mobilized by the Jinzhong Fire Rescue Detachment were carrying out rescue operations.

  At about 10 o'clock, the Jinzhong Fire Rescue Detachment organized the backbone force to rescue the fifth trapped worker.

At the time of the incident, the worker was in the cab of a forklift and was trapped in the cab with a head injury after the fly ash bin was dumped.

An injured worker trapped in the cab of a forklift was rescued moments later.

Photo by Zhao Zimo

  The worker was rescued at 10:57 after emergency demolition by firefighters and was conscious when he was carried into an ambulance.

  Subsequently, the fire and rescue departments of Jinzhong City and Yuci District began to search and rescue the remaining two workers.

Since the two workers are located near the damaged factory building, large machinery is opening up a mechanical operation channel, and fire rescue personnel are digging the fly ash.

  As of press time, fire and rescue personnel were still searching for the last two workers.