China News Service, May 5. According to the WeChat public account of "Sanya Suburban Court", on May 5, the Suburban People's Court of Sanya City, Hainan Province filed a lawsuit against the defendant Luo Changping for infringing on the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs and criminal incidental civil public interest litigation. The verdict was publicly announced in accordance with the law, and the defendant Luo Changping was sentenced to seven months in prison and assumed civil responsibilities such as public apology on, the Rule of Law Daily and the People's Liberation Army Daily.

  After the trial, the court found out: At 9:38 on October 6, 2021, after the defendant Luo Changping watched the movie "Changjin Lake" and the documentary video of the Battle of Changjin Lake on his mobile phone at his residence in Sanya City, in order to gain attention, he used Sina Weibo. The blog account "Luo Changping" posted a post, insulting the "Ice Sculpture Company" of the Chinese People's Volunteers who died in the Battle of Changjin Lake to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, and violated the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.

The above-mentioned post was reported by Weibo users and was processed by the Weibo platform at 10:8 on the same day in accordance with the Weibo Community Convention, and was read 22,397 times before processing.

Luo Changping deleted the post at 6:20 on the 7th. After being summoned by the public security organ, he issued an apology statement on his WeChat Moments at 13:48, but the content of the post has been widely spread on the Internet, causing public outcry. Indignation, causing bad social impact.

At about 14:00 that day, Luo Changping surrendered to the Dadonghai Police Station of the Jiyang Branch of the Sanya Public Security Bureau and truthfully confessed the facts of his crime.

  The incidental civil public interest litigation section found that the defendant Luo Changping was a well-known media person, and registered the Sina Weibo account "Luo Changping" on September 9, 2009.

Luo Changping used the above-mentioned Weibo account to publish 9 illegal posts that insulted and ridiculed heroes and martyrs. The 9 posts were read 17,613,621 times, commented 19,152 times, and forwarded 32,015 times.

During this period, the Sina Weibo account "Luo Changping" was dealt with 30 times by the platform for publishing remarks that violated the Weibo Community Convention.

  The court held that the heroic deeds of the Chinese People's Volunteers are the common historical memory and precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. Carry forward, and never allow blasphemy and slander.

Defendant Luo Changping insulted heroes and martyrs on the Internet, denied the core socialist values ​​and the spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aid Korea, disrupted social public order, and harmed social and public interests. corresponding civil tort liability.

Luo Changping had surrendered circumstances, voluntarily pleaded guilty and accepted punishment, and was willing to pay 80,000 yuan for public welfare damages, which was used for public welfare undertakings such as the commemoration and publicity of the spiritual deeds of the martyrs who resisted America and aided Korea (and had been paid to the Memorial Hall of Resistance Against America and Aid Korea in Dandong City, Liaoning Province), and the court recognized it. .

The defender's plea for a lenient punishment for Luo Changping was established, and the public prosecution agency's suggestion that Luo Changping be sentenced to seven months' imprisonment was appropriate, and the court accepted it.

  In response to the civil public interest lawsuit brought by the procuratorate, the suburban court also made a judgment: the defendant Luo Changping was ordered to publicly apologize on, the Rule of Law Daily and the People's Liberation Army Daily.

  Some deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, media reporters and representatives of the masses attended the sentencing.