Indian woman subjected to gang rape .. but the shock was in the police station!

The chief of an Indian police station has been arrested for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl who came to file a gang rape complaint, police officials said Wednesday.

The police of the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, in statements to the local press, stated that the head of the police station was arrested, in addition to suspending the work of 29 members who were present in it when the sexual assault occurred.

The police added that four other people were arrested along with the alleged victim's aunt.

The teenage girl belongs to the Dalits, a social class formerly called “untouchables” whose members are still marginalized and abused by the higher castes and often faced with indifference from the police.

And media outlets quoted the girl's father as saying that his daughter was raped for several days during the past month by four men.

And when she decided to file a complaint last week, she was raped by the head of the police station, according to what was indicated to the press by the "Childline" NGO specializing in the protection of children, which supports and advises the alleged victim.

This new incident sparked a wave of anger across the communication sites in India.

“If police stations are not safe for women, where do they go to file complaints?” Opposition MP Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked on Twitter, “Has the Uttar Pradesh government seriously considered hiring more women in police stations to make it safe for them?”

Sexual violence in India has received increasing international attention since the 2012 gang rape and torture of a student on a bus in Delhi, which led to her death.

At that point, a wave of demonstrations swept the country, causing shock at the international level.

Since that incident, laws and penalties related to rape in India have been amended and their provisions have been tightened.

Nevertheless, the number of crimes is still high, as more than 28,000 cases of rape were recorded in 2020, according to the latest official figures.

Indian police are frequently accused of not doing enough to curb violent crime and not bringing cases related to sexual assaults to justice.

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