(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhengzhou has reported a total of 71 positive cases in this round of epidemic, 8096 people are under quarantine

  China News Service, Zhengzhou, May 5 (Reporter Li Guigang) The reporter learned from the press conference of the Zhengzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on the 5th that from April 30 to 12 noon on the 5th, a total of 71 cases were reported in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. Positive cases, 8096 people are under centralized quarantine.

  On the afternoon of the same day, Li Huifang, deputy secretary-general of the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government, announced at a press conference that on May 4, there were 28 new positive cases of new coronary pneumonia in Zhengzhou, including 5 confirmed cases and 23 asymptomatic infections.

From April 30th to 12:00 on the 5th, a total of 71 positive cases were reported in the city, of which 19 were confirmed (4 in Zhengdong New District, 7 in Jinshui District, 5 in Erqi District, and 3 in Guancheng District), asymptomatic infection There were 52 cases (4 in Zhengdong New District, 29 in Erqi District, 9 in Guancheng District, 5 in Huiji District, 2 in Zhongmu County, 2 in Jinshui District, and 1 in Xingyang City).

  The report said that at present, the current round of the epidemic in Zhengzhou is still in the developing stage.

Judging from the overall nucleic acid detection situation, the growth of cases is relatively stable, and the overall prevention and control work is orderly and effective.

  Since the transmission chain of Zhengzhou East Railway Station (high-speed railway station) staff was discovered on April 30, the official research and judgment has determined that there is a certain risk of community transmission and epidemic spillover.

Since May 2, Zhengzhou City has carried out multiple rounds of regional nucleic acid testing.

  According to the report, in the regional test of 9 districts in Zhengzhou City on May 2, 2 positive cases were screened out from the social side; the regional test in 9 districts of the city on the 3rd found 33 positive cases, including 21 social cases and key groups. 12 cases; the third round of city-wide regional testing conducted on the 4th, a total of 12.9315 million person-times (including the airport area) were tested, and 19 positive cases were screened, of which 8 were for social groups and 11 for key groups. The review is currently being accelerated.

As of 12:00 noon, 10.312 million people had been sampled in the city-wide regional testing conducted on the 5th, except for the airport area, and 6 positive tubes were screened out, all of which were found in key populations.

  According to the cases previously announced by the Zhengzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Qiantang Yicheng, Jingsha Plaza, and the Family House of the School of Animal Husbandry and Economics are the "eyes of the storm" in this round of epidemic.

  In response to possible hidden transmission, Zhengzhou City has adopted a combination of regional testing and key population testing to push forward the stubble to remove potential infected persons as soon as possible.

  As of 12:00 noon on the 5th, a total of 4,741 close contacts and 7,102 second-close contacts have been investigated, and 512 letters of assistance have been sent to other places, involving 500 people.

For the risk groups in key areas to be screened and pushed, strict control of traffic card points is required, non-essential stay is required, and efforts are made to reduce the spread of risks and the spillover of the epidemic.

  At present, Zhengzhou is speeding up the expansion of isolation rooms in accordance with the standard of not less than 40 rooms per 10,000 people and not less than 50,000 rooms in the city, and plans to open 24,000 rooms in 3 days.

At present, Zhengzhou has opened 109 quarantine hotels and 8,229 rooms, and 8,096 people are being quarantined.

At the same time, the first batch of 608 sets of 5,000 sets of centralized isolation rooms in Zhengzhou Airport Area are ready for use at any time, and the construction of makeshift hospitals is also being accelerated.

  Li Huifang said that we will strive to achieve social "clearing" around May 10, to ensure that "the epidemic situation will be sealed within three days, the social level will be cleared within a week, and the social level and isolation points will be cleared within one incubation period." work goals.