[Explanation] Entering May, Shanghai's major supermarkets, catering brands, and street shops have pressed the "acceleration button" for resumption of work and production.

However, the unblocking does not solve the "defense". The Shanghai resumption sites are currently accelerating the implementation of the posting of "site codes" and the deployment of "digital sentries".

  On May 3, RT-Mart in Kangqiao resumed offline business, which is the first large supermarket in Kangqiao area to resume offline business.

The reporter saw at the scene that citizens were lining up in an orderly manner, waiting to scan the "place code" to enter the supermarket for shopping.

  At present, families in the prevention zone in the Kangqiao area can go out twice a week.

Citizens can enter the supermarket for shopping with their exit permit and 48-hour nucleic acid test report.

Li Shu, director of the Economic Development Office of Kangqiao Town, said that the supply of goods in supermarkets is sufficient, and citizens can purchase with peace of mind.

  [Explanation] Li Shu, Director of the Economic Development Office of Kangqiao Town

  There will be about 30 small supermarkets starting tomorrow, and some small supermarkets like Lianhua Family Mart will also be open for offline business.

  [Explanation] "Place Code" is a proprietary QR code generated for key places.

When entering key places, citizens can scan the code, not only can quickly realize the commonly used "Sui Shen code" bright code and information verification related to epidemic prevention and control, but also can automatically complete the registration of personal information to improve the efficiency of site management.

  Lin Kai, deputy squadron leader of the Kangqiao Urban Management Squadron, who is responsible for maintaining order at the scene, told reporters that they have applied for and posted site codes for more than 1,800 shops along the street within their jurisdiction.

  [Concurrent] Lin Kai, Deputy Squadron Leader of Cambridge Urban Management Squadron

  Now our current site code coverage in Kangqiao Town has reached 100%.

  [Explanation] Hearing that the supermarket near his home has resumed business, Mr. Li, a citizen, made a shopping list at home early in the morning.

On the afternoon of May 3, after taking the antigen self-test at home, he went to the supermarket for shopping smoothly.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Li, a citizen of Shanghai

  Of course, I am very happy and excited, so I have listed some things to buy at home just now.

These more convenient foods like quick-frozen food, including green leafy vegetables, which are not available at home, seafood, look at fresh, and then there are some daily necessities, such as shower gel, including tissue paper.

  [Explanation] It is reported that in order to ensure the safety of customers, the supermarket will carry out disinfection four times a day, and in key areas, disinfection work will be carried out every two hours.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Ye, head of the cleaning management section of the supermarket

  Places such as doorways, escalators, toilets, entrances, etc., such as door handles, are sterilized every 2 hours.

  [Explanation] At present, a total of 294,300 units in Shanghai have applied for 466,700 "site codes".

With the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the number of "place code" applications and the number of daily code scans have increased to a certain extent.

  Li Qiuying, Chen Congyao and Xu Mingrui reported from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Li Yuxin]