China News Service, Nanning, May 5 (Lin Jieqi) Guangxi Culture and Tourism Department introduced on the 5th that during the "May 1st" holiday, Guangxi people are more enthusiastic about outdoor play. Affected by the epidemic, short-distance surrounding tours have become mainstream, outdoor leisure tours, rural "Micro-tourism" such as experience tours and family parent-child tours are very popular.

  The Guangxi Department of Culture and Tourism stated that compared with the same period last year, the number of tourists and tourism consumption have declined, especially the tourism in border counties has been greatly affected. The main way to travel.

  During the "March 3" holiday, the "out-of-the-circle" outdoor camping continued to be popular, and various scenic spots in Guangxi continued to innovate camping products and services, resulting in a richer camping economy. Sides, lakesides, under bridges, and parks have become camping resorts for citizens, and the "tent landscape" has exploded the circle of friends.

  "In the past, everyone just found a lawn to set up tents on the spot. Now the parks along the Yongjiang River have planned a special camping area, and the supporting facilities have also been improved, making it more convenient to play outdoors." Nanning, who went to the Yongjiang River for tent camping for the second time Citizen Nong Canyun said that outdoor camping has become a new choice for enjoying holiday leisure time with friends.

People visit the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities.

Photo by Lin Jieqi

  It is understood that during the "May 1st" period, scenic spots such as Qingxiu Mountain in Nanning, Junwu Forest Park in Liuzhou, Silver Beach in Beihai, Mengshan Changping Shuiyun Yao Village in Wuzhou, Jinxiu Bale Mountain in Laibin City and other scenic spots have launched distinctive camping activities. Combined with themes such as lawn starry sky concert, bonfire interaction, sky tent forest movie, Yao interesting competition, etc., it attracts a large number of tourists to experience it.

  Today, short-distance suburban "micro-tourism" has become a new fashion, and outings around the city, idyllic flowers and fruit picking, hiking and cycling, and rural leisure experience have become the first choice for tourists during holidays.

  Scenic spots in Guangxi have launched a variety of rural leisure tours based on their own characteristics. For example, Liuzhou Chengyang Bazhai Scenic Spot has launched an intangible cultural heritage display, where tourists can experience the Dong nationality Doye, Dong flute, Dong nationality pipa, stove pond playing oil tea, etc.; tourists in Fangchenggang City The volcanic island, Paradise Beach, catching the sea and the waves, tasting seafood, picking fruits in the Danzhu River Four Seasons Picking Garden, learning farming, and experiencing the most local flavor of "labor" fun.

  Family self-help and self-driving travel with friends are also popular. According to statistics, Guangxi star car camps received a total of 189,623 tourists during the "May 1" holiday, an increase of 80.58% compared with the "March 3" and "Qingming" holidays.

  At the same time, various cultural and tourism departments in Guangxi have launched various boutique tourism routes covering cultural heritage tours, red cultural tours, beautiful countryside tours, leisure and wellness tours, etc. Route, Hechi City's "Ecological Leisure Health + Ethnic Customs + Health and Longevity" boutique route.

  The "Cloud Viewing Exhibition" is also very popular. There are continuous online and offline activities in public cultural venues such as libraries, museums, art galleries, etc. in Guangxi. , launched an online broadcast series of Jing nationality intangible cultural heritage, and presented a feast of intangible cultural heritage to the public.

  In order to stimulate cultural and tourism consumption, the Guangxi Department of Culture and Tourism organized cities to actively participate in Guangxi's "33 Consumption Festival" activities, and issued a batch of cultural tourism consumption coupons; at the same time, more than 200 tourism enterprises in scenic spots, rural tourism areas, and homestays in various regions provided tourists with Nearly 300 preferential measures have been introduced to stimulate the vitality of cultural tourism consumption.