“Already tonight, due to the spread of cold air from the north and the establishment of a high pressure area, the temperature will drop to freezing.

In the sleeping areas of Moscow, it is predicted up to -1 °C, and in the region up to -3 °C.

+9...+11 °C is predicted for the day.

On Friday, Moscow will be in the center of the anticyclone and the air will be southerly, which will cause a sharp increase in temperature to +15 ... +17 ° C, ”the forecaster said.

He noted that at the weekend the wind will still be southerly, but the weather will be more cloudy.

“If rain is not expected on Thursday and Friday, then light rain is already forecast for the weekend.

+4...+5°C at night, +13...+14°C during the day,” added Vilfand.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reported that on May 4 in Moscow the air temperature is expected to be +8...+10 °C.