Recently, affected by the cold air, the Sanqingshan Scenic Area in Shangrao, Jiangxi has been drizzling with drizzle, and the clouds are steaming and foggy. From a distance, the layers of mountains are looming, like a dream, presenting a beautiful picture of ink and water.

  I saw clouds and mists lingering in the mountains, sometimes as calm as the wind and waves, sometimes as light as silk, snow-white clouds and mists rolling in the air like ocean waves, and the peaks of the Sanqing Mountains appear and disappear in the clouds and mists.

  It is understood that Sanqingshan is known as the gallery of the hometown of clouds and mists. Nearly 200 peaks are shrouded in clouds and mists throughout the year. Sanqingshan's "the most beautiful granite on the edge of the western Pacific" is closely related to the rich ecological vegetation and the changing climate. The combination creates a unique landscape with misty clouds and mist like a fairyland.

(Jiang Tao, Yu Honghu, Zhang Zhengtao)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]