On the morning of May 3, the 2022 Qiaojiale·Fujian Overseas Chinese Food Culture Festival Minyue Water Town was officially launched.

The overseas Chinese sang and danced, showing a strong Nanyang style.

  Representative Nanyang cuisine dishes such as Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia will appear one after another.

Rainbow cakes, shredded coconut cakes, curry chicken, mango coconut milk glutinous rice and other delicacies full of Southeast Asian flavors have attracted everyone's attention.

  The reporter learned that the "Qiaojiale·Fujian Overseas Chinese Food Culture Festival" is a project of "attracting overseas Chinese capital, collecting overseas Chinese wisdom, and gathering overseas Chinese power" by the Overseas Chinese Federation at all levels in the province to promote the rural revitalization strategy and achieve a "good start". target specific actions.

In 2022, according to the characteristics of local overseas Chinese-related folk activities and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the Fujian Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese will visit overseas Chinese farms and important overseas Chinese hometowns across the province in accordance with the three time nodes of "May 1st Labor Day", "Dragon Boat Festival" and "Mid-Autumn Festival". Held 11 "Overseas Chinese Music, Overseas Chinese Food Culture Festival".

  The organizer expressed the hope that by holding a series of food and cultural festivals, the fine tradition of overseas Chinese patriotism, love for their hometown and local culture will be further carried forward, the enthusiasm of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives will be brought into full play, and the characteristic elements of folk activities in overseas Chinese circles will be closely integrated, so as to cultivate the cultural heritage of overseas Chinese. , explore new highlights of rural cultural tourism, drive the common prosperity of the overseas Chinese in the hometown of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese farms, and help the construction of New Fujian in the new stage of development.

  [Concurrent] Yan Song, Vice President of Fujian Filipino Returned Overseas Chinese Family Association

  I really found the memories of my childhood. I liked it when I was a child, especially a lot of Southeast Asian food. We grew up eating this food when we were young. This time, it is very meaningful.

(Reporter Wu Shengwei)

Responsible editor: [Fang Jialiang]