China News Agency, Liuzhou, May 3rd: "Generation Z" injects "youth power" into the millennium Zhuang folk songs

  Author Lin Xin

  "Let's pick up folk songs, break through the clouds and shake the world. I hope you will inherit the succession, and Getai will rely on you in the future." A few days ago, the twin brothers of "Generation Z" in Guangxi, dressed in traditional Zhuang national costumes, are popular in China. Short video Sing folk songs on the platform Douyin.

  Folk Songs is one of Guangxi's "intangible cultural heritage" projects.

Once upon a time, singing folk songs became popular in Guangxi.

But in recent years, with the diversification of modern entertainment forms, folk songs that have been sung for thousands of years face the danger of fault.

  For this reason, the "Generation Z" who was born after 1995 and grew up with the development of the Internet has skillfully integrated the Zhuang folk songs that have been sung for thousands of years with new media, trying to turn this traditional culture that has faded out of people's vision into a new popular culture.

  Li Yubao and Li Yuqin, twin brothers from Yulin, Guangxi, were born in 1999. The two grew up watching "Liu Sanjie" since childhood and have a strong interest in folk songs.

In 2018, the brothers were admitted to Liuzhou to study.

  By chance, the brothers went to Jiangbin Park to catch up with "Gewei", and went to learn to sing folk songs under Lu Lianfang, the representative inheritor of Guangxi's intangible cultural heritage "Yufeng Songwei".

  At first, the two of them had no musical foundation, and because of the language barrier, they encountered many difficulties in learning folk songs.

In order to be able to sing folk songs well, the two began to learn Guiliu dialect.

  The brothers practiced in their spare time and went to the park to learn from their fellow singers.

After more than 4 years of unremitting learning and practice, the two have not only mastered the arranging and singing skills of folk songs, but also developed some new ideas.

  "I think singing folk songs is not just the patent of the older generation. As part of our traditional culture, the content and expression of folk songs must also keep pace with the times, so that young people can also like folk songs. I want to do it." Li Yubao said in an interview on the 3rd.

  In 2021, the brothers will open an account on Douyin, the gathering place for "Gen Z", to sing folk songs.

"The Internet spreads widely, and today's young people like novel and interesting content. We adapt interesting jokes and food in life into folk songs and sing them to young people." Li Yubao said.

On the Douyin account of the two, the most popular short video has received more than 70,000 likes.

  "The two of us also took folk songs to check-in at internet celebrity sites across the country, and sang folk songs in Guangzhou Xiaomanyao, Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill, Beihai Old Street and other places, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the country." Li Yuqin introduced.

In the process of inheriting folk songs, the brothers also received the attention of many young people.

"A post-95 graduate student became attached to us on the Internet and proposed to learn to sing folk songs." Li Yuqin said.

  Driven by his apprentices, Lu Lianfang, the master of the "post-70s", also embraced new things and started live streaming of folk songs on Douyin.

"Promoting mountain singers to continue to sing folk songs and inherit folk songs through new methods can also attract more young people to join the folk song singing team, thereby promoting the prosperity and development of folk song culture." Today, Lu Lianfang has more than 40,000 fans on Douyin, and has also received Many "post-95s" and "post-00s" are apprentices.

  The Li Yuqin brothers are just the epitome of the "Youth Power" injected into the intangible cultural heritage culture by "Generation Z".

According to the "2021 Douyin Intangible Cultural Heritage Drama Data Report", Douyin has achieved coverage of 98.83% of China's national intangible cultural heritage drama projects, and "post-90s" and "post-00s" audiences account for more than 50%, and even some "endangered intangible cultural heritage projects" "It is also favored by the new generation.

  "Generation Z" is injecting "youth power" into "intangible cultural heritage" in its own way.

On the eve of the "May 4th" in 2020, the speech "Hou Lang", which has exploded Chinese social platforms, said: "You are fortunate to meet such an era, but the era is even more fortunate to meet such you. You are turning the traditional into the modern, bringing the The classic becomes popular, and the national becomes the world.” (End)