The filming of

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

has been completed since January and the film is expected in theaters on March 17, 2023. Only Warner, which produces this new DC project, is increasingly in embarrassment, since a petition demanding the dismissal of Amber Heard, who plays Queen Mera, has resurfaced.

A similar request had been made by part of the public in 2020.

The reason: what is being said at the moment in court in Fairfax, Virginia in the trial between the actress and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Just as during the trial of the interpreter of Jack Sparrow against the


two years ago, the terms are the same, or almost.

It is particularly recalled that the actress has already been arrested in 2009 for domestic violence on his ex-companion, the photographer Tasya Van Ree (who at the time declared that it was a misunderstanding).

not so fast

The author of the petition also highlights the difference in treatment between Johnny Depp, who has lost all his film contracts since being accused of domestic violence.

The latest sworn testimony in this second trial, brought this time to the actress, also show her in a different light.

With the Ed Wood


directly accusing his ex-wife - not the British tabloid - of defamation, the line of attack is indeed slightly different.

For example, he was able to call as a witness one of the ACLU executives, who claimed that the actress had not paid her civil liberties organization half of what she had received from the actor during their divorce, contrary to what she had promised and declared in the media and under oath in 2020.

2.4 million signatures

In fact, for Johnny Depp fans, Warner should simply find another actress to shoot the Amber Heard scenes again.

And these fans are numerous: the petition reaches almost 2.4 million signatures.

The studios have, for the moment, remained silent.

There are still three weeks of trial, during which their main actress will have plenty of time to give her version of the facts and bring in her witnesses.

Opinions could change at that time, with the trial being shown live on US television.


grossed over $1 billion in 2018, becoming the highest-grossing movie in the DC Universe.

The stakes are therefore high.


Trial: Johnny Depp threatens Amber Heard with violence in new recordings released during the hearing

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