China News Service, April 30. According to the WeChat public account of "Netxin Sanhe", the Office of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic in Sanhe City, Hebei Province issued a notice on the 30th that since April 27, Sanhe City has A total of 2 positive cases have occurred. The trajectory of the newly reported positive cases in Beijing involves multiple points in Sanhe City. Before Sanhe City implemented static management, a large number of commuters came and went to Sanhe, and the epidemic situation was extremely severe.

After research by the leading group of Sanhe City's response to the new crown epidemic, it was decided to adjust the control measures of Sanhe City as follows:

  1. The west urban area will continue to implement static management, which is tentatively scheduled to last until May 4.

West urban areas (Yanjiao High-tech Zone, Yanjiao Town, Gaolou Town, Xinggong East Street, Yingbin North Road Street, Kangcheng Street, Yanshun Street) continue to implement static management, except for water, electricity, heating, communications and other urban operation and security industries , all business premises in the region will be temporarily closed.

Except for security personnel and epidemic prevention staff and vehicles with work certificates, personnel strictly keep still in their current residence and avoid going out.

From April 30th to May 3rd, all staff in the region will carry out nucleic acid testing every day.

  2. The Dongcheng District resumes the implementation of social control measures, and conducts a nucleic acid test on May 3.

East urban area (Qixinzhuang Town, Liqizhuang Town, Laiyang Town, Huangtuzhuang Town, Duanjialing Town, Yangzhuang Town, Huangzhuang Town, Xinji Town, Dingsheng East Street, Laiyang West Street, Economic Development Zone, Agricultural Technology Park) no longer implement static management, and resume the implementation of social control measures.

Gradually restore intra-regional traffic; continue to implement “one door in and out” in villages, streets and communities, and people must implement prevention and control measures such as code scanning, temperature measurement, registration, and wearing masks; people’s livelihood services are open in an orderly manner, and restaurants are suspended for dine-in; public entertainment Leisure places, people gathering business places, and public cultural activity places are temporarily closed and open for business; during the May 1st period, scenic spots in the eastern mountainous area are temporarily closed, and the mine restoration and management area is closed for management and not open to the public; residents in the area should reduce going out , to prevent aggregation.

  3. Strict measures for returning personnel from outside the territory.

All city boundary (including expressway) checkpoints in the city continue to implement control measures. Except for the guaranteed supply of vehicles, non-essential personnel and vehicles will not return to Sanhe.

Persons who really need to come (return) to Sanhe under special circumstances must report to the community (village street) where the destination is located 48 hours in advance, reporting the source, arrival time, return mode of transportation, reason for return, and detailed address of the destination, etc. Log in and fill in the “Self-reporting of epidemic-related risks” module of the Hebei Health Code and the “Reporting of Travel Return Information” module of Sanhe Epidemic Baotong.

Check the itinerary card and 48-hour nucleic acid at the checkpoint, and conduct temperature measurement and registration. Those entering Sanhe must strictly implement the Sanhe City epidemic prevention and control policy.

  At present, the epidemic situation in the surrounding areas of Sanhe City is frequent, the situation is still complex and severe, and the risk of spreading is still relatively high. Please continue to understand and support the epidemic prevention and control work, overcome the paralysis of lax thinking and luck, consciously obey the prevention and control requirements, and comprehensively strengthen Personal protection, do not gather, travel less, and jointly build a defense line for epidemic prevention and control.

  The above control measures will be implemented from the date of the announcement. Relevant measures will be adjusted in time according to the regulations of the superior and changes in the epidemic situation. The official announcement shall prevail.