Rose Leslie stands with Kit Harington in her fight against addiction, but the actress knows her support alone can't stop her husband from succumbing to his demons.

In an interview for

Harper's Bazaar

, the star of

Game of Thrones


The Good Fight

opened up about the alcohol addiction of the interpreter of Jon Snow.

And on the road that he still has to travel before being completely rid of it.

“I learned a lot about addiction and it's something Kit will always be aware of, but it's up to him if he chooses to drink again.

No nanny can stop him from doing what he has decided to do… I don't choose to put this pressure on myself.

He is responsible for his behavior.

It's not up to me to protect him from it, ”she said.

Kit Harington has considered himself to be an alcohol addict since 2019, and according to his wife, while he has been on the road to sobriety "for several years", he is not quite finished with this fight yet. lengthy.

And it may never be.

Important to recognize

Because according to Rose Leslie, the actor needs to know that he is “sick” to continue to fight.

"For Kit to know that he's addicted, like a drug addict, it's very important to acknowledge it," she explained.

And to continue: “The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) community has provided him with a space of love so that he feels heard, so that he knows that he is not alone.

But without the detox, he would be in a very different state of mind right now.”

Kit Harington had already revealed his fight against alcoholism himself, saying that certain events during the filming of

Game of Thrones

(and after the end of the series) had made him sink.

Today, according to his wife, he is "fine".

While on stage for the play

Henry V

, at the Donmar Warehouse, he can't wait to leave London for Suffolk, where they have bought a second home.

“We will create a home, try to make friends.

In London, we are at full blast, and when we get to the countryside, we can turn everything off,” she concluded.


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