Watch.. A Yemeni girl sees her mother's face for the first time after 22 years


The story of the Yemeni girl Randa Hussein (22 years old), who lived blind and was blind for 22 years, and finally saw. She snatched the hearts of Yemenis, after she was led by an announcement about the existence of a free camp in Tuban District in Lahj Governorate, where she was treated to see her mother’s face for the first time after all these years. the years.

According to "Al Arabiya Net", the initiative was launched under the auspices of the Kuwaiti Al-Khair Humanitarian Association, the Bright Tomorrow Organization, and the Eye Medical Foundation, to help Randa Hussein to knock on the door of hope again despite her many previous attempts, after ophthalmologists in the past unanimously agreed on the difficulty of treating her condition and the impossibility of returning her sight, Memories of two decades lived in a world of darkness.

When I decided to come to the camp, I was given special care in the examination place, being blind and young.

According to information collected by "" from a confiscation close to the girl, Randa Hussein has become a university student studying the third year of Arabic with the tools of the blind.

Lahj's daughter decided to resume her life and continue her education until university. After 22 years, her case was presented at an ophthalmologist center in Al Habilain, Bardfan.

After examining her, she was given a cataract operation, and the girl came out after two hours, blindfolded.

As soon as the doctor took off the bandages from her face, Randa turned around to find a woman next to her who was silently contemplating her.

And here was the joyful crying shock of the mother and her daughter, when the girl collapsed in tears in her mother's arms, and the place erupted with crying, joy and thanks to the doctor.

Dr. Saleh Hassan Zain, who performed the operation, told Al that Randa was suffering from blindness as a result of congenital cataracts in the eyes, and her family's conditions prevented her from being treated in her childhood, and when she grew up, her condition worsened, and it reached a point where it is difficult to treat or perform surgery.

The attending physician added: "When I conducted a full examination of the patient, I discovered that there was a great success rate, so I did not hesitate to tell the girl and her mother and convinced them that she would see, indicating that he performed the operation for her with his feelings before his tools and devices, as he pulled the cataracts and implanted a lens, and the operation took place without any complications. ".

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