According to the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2022", the 2022 "May Day" holiday is: April 30 to May 4, with a total of 5 days off.

April 24 (Sunday) and May 7 (Saturday) are normal working days.

Can I still travel on May 1st, and what are the epidemic prevention policies in various places?

  The holiday is coming, where do you want to go?

"May Day" is approaching, many netizens are concerned about the travel policy during the holiday.

Don't go out of Beijing if you don't have to!

Beijing strictly manages entry and return to Beijing

  "In the near future, if it is not necessary to go to Beijing, celebrate the festival on the spot and reduce unnecessary dinner parties..." On the evening of the 25th, the Beijing epidemic prevention and control conference stated that it insisted on not going to Beijing unless it was necessary, and suspended a series of activities, such as theatrical performances. , home decoration, etc.

Shanghai must hold a "double negative" certificate to prevent the epidemic from spilling out of Shanghai

  Shanghai held a press conference on the morning of the 26th, requiring the strict implementation of "non-essential not leaving Shanghai", taking various measures to strictly manage the departure of personnel from Shanghai, and resolutely preventing the spillover of the epidemic.

In addition to holding a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, those leaving Shanghai are required to provide a negative antigen test certificate within 24 hours.

Gansu continues to suspend inter-provincial group travel

  Gansu Province announced at a press conference on the afternoon of the 26th that it will continue to suspend inter-provincial team travel and "air ticket + hotel" business, and suspend inter-provincial self-driving travel and independent travel business. 75% current limit is open.

  From April 25, 2022 to May 15, 2022, Gansu will implement 14-day home health monitoring and centralized isolation measures for those returning to Gansu from medium and high-risk areas and their counties.

Those returning to Gansu from provinces with the epidemic must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

For people with red code and yellow code, continue to implement 14-day centralized isolation and 14-day home health monitoring measures respectively.

Hainan encourages citizens not to leave the island unless necessary

  The Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued an epidemic prevention reminder on the 25th, advocating that the masses should not leave Qiong unless necessary.

For personnel from government agencies, enterprises and institutions to come out, the examination and approval system must be strictly implemented.

Tourist attractions should receive tourists in an orderly manner according to no more than 75% of the maximum daily capacity, and places such as Sanya, Lingshui and other key cities and counties where crowds gather and closed entertainment bars should be temporarily closed.

  Strictly implement the health management of personnel coming (returning) to Qiong.

Passengers from epidemic-related areas must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate twice within 48 hours (with an interval of 24 hours) and a green health code to enter Qiong. If the test is not completed in time, the "Hainan Health Code" will prompt a pop-up window.

Anhui advocates local tours and surrounding tours

  The Anhui Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a reminder on the 26th, advocating the development of local tours, surrounding tours and short-distance tours during the holidays.

  All key tourist attractions in Anhui Province implement the reservation system.

Before traveling, tourists can inquire about their opening and ticket reservation measures in advance through channels such as the "You Anhui" APP, the official website of the scenic spot, the WeChat public account, and a small program.

Shenzhen suspends "outside restrictions" measures, many scenic spots in Dapeng Peninsula need to make an appointment

  From April 30th to May 4th, Shenzhen suspended the "outside restrictions" measures, during which all non-Shenzhen-licensed small passenger cars were allowed to pass through Shenzhen at all times.

  The Traffic Police Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice on the 25th that from the beginning of the "May 1st" holiday to the National Day holiday, the Dapeng Peninsula's reserved traffic measures will be resumed.

According to the reservation policy, the attractions that need to be reserved include: Dongxiyong, Yangmeikeng, Jiaochangwei, Dapengsuocheng, Dongshan Temple, Jinshawan, Qiniangshan, Dayawan Nuclear Power Plant, etc.

No reservations include: heading to Kwai Chung, such as Guanhu, Rose Coast and other attractions.

  Shenzhen Metro Group said that Shenzhen Metro plans to extend the operation time of the entire network (including Line 4, excluding Line 20) for one hour on April 29, April 30 and May 4, and open the last train for half a trip. Lines will have additional extended service.

  CCTV news editor reminded that if you travel, you need to pay attention to the epidemic prevention measures in various places.

Many places have proposed to reduce the gathering and flow of people, and travel with a 48-hour nucleic acid certificate

If you do not return to your hometown according to the epidemic prevention regulations, you will be responsible for the expenses during the centralized isolation period in some areas.

In many scenic spots, the current limited reservation is open, and some scenic spots also require the inspection of nucleic acid certificates

Multiple departments issued a reminder: pay attention to epidemic prevention and control during holidays

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Do not travel to medium and high risk areas

  According to the WeChat official account of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminded that the epidemic prevention and control must be kept in mind during travel, pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation and changes in medium and high-risk areas, and do not travel to medium and high-risk areas.

It is necessary to travel rationally at different peaks, and travel in a civilized and green way.

Ministry of Transport: Know the local epidemic prevention and control policies in advance before traveling

  The Ministry of Transport proposed at a regular press conference on the 26th that it is recommended to understand the epidemic prevention and control policies of various places in advance before traveling, and make travel route planning and reasonable travel time.

It is recommended to travel off-peak as much as possible.

Ministry of Education: It is necessary to accurately grasp the health status and travel of teachers and students

  The Ministry of Education recently issued a notice to strengthen health monitoring.

Education departments and colleges in all regions should accurately grasp the health status and travel whereabouts of teachers and students, inform teachers, students, and parents of the precautions for leaving school and the requirements for epidemic prevention and control during holidays, and instruct teachers and students to abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations of the school location and travel destination.

  This "May Day" small holiday, safety is not a holiday!

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