The mental health of young people continues to worry professionals.

Two years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has particularly weakened adolescents and young adults, a new monthly bulletin confirms this trend.

Published by Public Health France (SPF), this note reports a "high level of emergency visits for suicidal gestures, suicidal thoughts and mood disorders among 11-17 and 18-24 year olds".

The bulletin also indicates that for these two age groups, the passages “for suicidal gesture, suicidal thoughts and mood disorders” are “higher than those observed at the start of 2021”.

Last March, a new brief on the subject produced globally by the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed to a higher risk of suicidal behavior, including suicide attempts and cases of self-harm among young people. since the pandemic.

Girls more affected than boys

In an article in Le Monde published on Tuesday, several childhood professionals alert the public authorities to this data.

Questioned by the evening daily, Richard Delorme, head of the child psychiatry department at the Robert-Debré hospital (AP-HP), located in the north-east of Paris, is surprised: “Suicide attempts are constantly on the rise, with a 25% increase in January, February and March 2022, compared to the same period of 2021 (…) We did not think it could increase further.

Another lesson learned from the bulletin of Public Health France (SPF), young girls would be more widely affected than boys.

Aware of the consequences of the pandemic on the mental health of the French and the youngest, Emmanuel Macron had called, last September, to put more resources in the sector.

Since April 5, reimbursement by Social Security of eight sessions with the psychologist for all patients over the age of 3 is now possible.

On “doctor's orientation”, they can consult a psychologist listed on the “MonPsy” website, and benefit from an assessment interview and seven follow-up sessions per year, reimbursed by health insurance.


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