• In "Downton Abbey II: A New Era", Jonathan Zaccaï receives the English family in a house in the south of France which they inherited.

  • The 'Bureau of Legends' star finds his place in the British team.

  • The actor became a fan of "Downton Abbey" while some of his partners loved "The Bureau of Legends".

Jonathan Zaccaï changes air.

The Belgian actor represents France in

Downton Abbey II: A New Era

by Simon Curtis, the second feature film inspired by the English series.

He embodies a castellan at the beginning of the last century who must give up a superb property in the south of France to English heroes.

This second feature film takes the viewer to


where the Crawley family will make discoveries about the past of the venerable Lady Violet (Maggie Smith).

"My character welcomes the Crawleys with enthusiasm because he is determined to respect the will of his father who knew the dowager well from the time of their youth" And too bad if that does not delight his mother, authoritarian matriarch played by Nathalie Baye.

Exchange of vouchers preceded

"I chose Jonathan Zaccaï because I love the

Office of legends

," says director Simon Curtis to

20 Minutes


Marked for life by his role as an agent of the DGSE in the series of Eric Rochant, the actor quickly found his marks in the midst of British stars like Hugh Bonneville or Elizabeth McGovern.

He carved out a place for himself in this world as in the middle of a team that has known each other for years.

“It reminded me of when we received guests on

The Legends Office

, confides Jonathan Zaccaï to

20 Minutes


Our series was in England and it was funny to see that some English actors were quite fans of it.


For his part, the comedian was not familiar with the series

Downton Abbey


"I quickly devoured it once I knew I had the role and I found it brilliant", recognizes Jonathan Zaccaï.

He let himself be conquered by the nostalgic atmosphere that emanates from this story.

"What we like in the series as a general rule and what we like there, as oddly in

Le Bureau des Légendes

for other reasons, is a visit to a world we don't know" specifies- he.

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If his visit to the set of

Downton Abbey

will undoubtedly remain unique,

The Legends Office

continues to stick to Jonathan Zaccaï's skin, especially when he thinks of the war in Ukraine.

“I have remnants of a DGSE agent that scratch me, he laughs.

I would like to intervene on certain things but I cannot.

“He can in any case continue to make films like for

Le Cours de la vie

by Frédéric Sojcher, a love story in a film school where he gives the reply to Agnès Jaoui.

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