Regarding the "Linear Chuo Shinkansen," direct discussions between Shizuoka Prefecture, which does not allow construction, and JR Central, which is proceeding with construction, have resumed for the first time in about two years.

In this, JR Tokai presented a new measure to reduce the impact on water resources due to the construction work that Shizuoka Prefecture is concerned about.

Regarding the "Linear Chuo Shinkansen" that JR Central is constructing, Shizuoka Prefecture does not allow the start of construction in the prefecture because there is a concern that the amount of water in the Oi River will decrease due to the underground tunnel construction.

On the 26th, a specialized subcommittee was held at the Shizuoka Prefectural Office on this issue, and direct discussions between Shizuoka Prefecture and JR Central have resumed for the first time in about two years since February.

Among them, JR Tokai added the method of pumping up the water generated by the construction work in Yamanashi prefecture and returning it to the Oi River instead of the outflow water, and with the cooperation of TEPCO, the Oi River. We have proposed a new measure to curb the amount of water taken from the river by the dam upstream of the river for hydroelectric power generation.

In response, after the discussion, Deputy Governor Namba of Shizuoka Prefecture said, "It is possible as a plan, but it is a different matter whether it is realistic or not, so I would like to deepen the discussion from now on."

On the other hand, Nao Sawada, Deputy General Manager of the JR Central Shinkansen Promotion Headquarters, said, "I was able to explain the proposals I have been considering so far.