A full-scale "ν Gundam" installed in a large commercial facility newly opened in Fukuoka City.

The place where the statue based on the popular anime mobile suit actually moves was shown on the night of the 24th.

The statue of "ν Gundam" is 24.8 meters high and weighs about 80 tons, and is installed in the commercial facility "LaLaport Fukuoka" which opened on the 25th on the site of the fruit and vegetable market in Fukuoka City.

Hiroko Moriguchi, a singer from Fukuoka City who made her debut with the theme song of Gundam's work, and Toru Furuya, a voice actor who played the main character Amuro, attended the ceremony on the night of the 24th to commemorate the release.

When Mr. Furuya's decision that "ν Gundam is not Date" started to move the right arm and head of the statue, the visitors were taking pictures and videos with cameras.

Mr. Furuya said, "I am very happy to see a life-sized statue of my favorite ν Gundam. I want many people to see it because it has a powerful and presence."

The production of "ν Gundam" moving is performed every hour at "LaLaport Fukuoka", and you can enjoy music in the daytime and light up at night, which is different from the screening of the video.