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Global Village.. A forum for world holidays and the joy industry

  • Global Village does not miss an occasion to delight its visitors with performances and a festive atmosphere.

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Cultural diversity is one of the most important advantages of life in the Emirates, and Global Village is the most prominent destination that has succeeded in embodying this title through its 26 seasons.

One tour aboard the Global Village plane, which travels between 26 countries, carrying more than 80 different cultures, is enough to live “endless cultural experiences in a world of masterpieces.”

Culture, entertainment and shopping... are the features that define the visit to the global village, but most importantly is how it works to weave an atmosphere of joy through holidays and occasions, as dance and carnival shows are presented on its theaters on a daily basis, where dozens of daily activities are presented, so that visitors beat the drums of celebrations to the rhythm of Its events, and succeeds in each season by presenting a new story that masters the joy industry.

The tour in the global village allows the visitor to get acquainted with the cultures of the countries in a comprehensive way, starting with the food, passing through the handicraft industries, up to the folk dances, which are a daily stop in many of the pavilions, with these dances the seasons of joy begin.

special occasion

The first official celebrations of the Global Village start in December, and with more than one occasion, it opens with the National Day celebrations in the UAE, to be completed with my two Eids (Christmas and New Year).

During this season, the village succeeded in presenting distinctive celebrations of the Emirati Golden Jubilee, as this special and exceptional national occasion was celebrated, by highlighting the glories of the UAE and its ancient history, celebrating the present and looking forward to the ambitious future.

Visitors to the famous destination enjoyed a series of unique and distinguished activities that celebrate leadership and prosperity, including musical performances and competitions that embody the values ​​of cultural diversity, and spectacular fireworks displays that transport guests to the heart of the masterpieces.

Among the most prominent musical performances presented by the "Ornina" band, which has participated in the global village for six seasons, in addition to the performances of the National Youth Orchestra in Dubai, and organized a series of painting activities for children, in cooperation with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

In addition, this season, the Global Village, in cooperation with the Hamdan Bin Mohammed International Photography Award, organized a photography competition entitled “Fifty Years Together”, which witnessed wide participation from photography enthusiasts, who used their lenses to capture all the features of cultural diversity, and the existing scenes of tolerance. On the land of the Emirates through the global village, its destinations and its pavilions.

These celebrations were supplemented with the Christmas celebrations, which spread joy in the hearts of the visitors of the Global Village, and left them with an unforgettable memory with “Santa Claus”, who fell by parachute to light the Christmas tree, and to set off fireworks to announce the start of the festive season.

A giant tree decorated with lights, ornaments and landmarks from all over the world was also placed in the Global Village to celebrate my (Christmas and New Year's) holidays.

The best offers

The festive atmosphere was not limited to seasonal holidays, as the global village adopted the most wonderful festive performances over a period of six months, without hesitation in presenting international teams and unforgettable experiences, the most prominent of which was this season, the show of the international band “Burn the Flower”, which visited the most famous Theatres of the world, as Global Village set it as a hearty meal of entertainment for Dubai's multicultural audience.

This international show was carefully designed to satisfy the different cultures visiting the village, as the transition from Latin music to hip-hop music was smooth, and the dancers' steps were taking the audience from one world to another, supported in this spectacle by clothes, lighting, and some decoration pieces, which made The theatrical scenography of the show is integrated and successful in dazzling.

on all theaters

The joy of dancing does not stop at the performances of the main stage, but the pavilions of the countries deliberately present the local heritage to them, through small theaters that have placed a group of tables and chairs near them in an area similar to the squares where people gather to witness the joy and joy.

Those squares witnessed the most beautiful Palestinian and Lebanese Dabke dances, as well as the evening Qudoud Aleppo in the Syrian pavilion, along with Turkish dances.

These platforms and theaters have created joy along with several destinations within the Global Village, which offer the best to its visitors, including the “Ripples Believe It or Not” destination, the Museum of Wonders, which is renewed every year from the world of strangeness, and the “Peter Rabbit” destination. For adventures, which have been able to delight generations for more than 120 years, and delight children in Dubai this season.

From the holidays to the blessed month of Ramadan, the Global Village launched the World Council to celebrate the Holy Month, and extended its season to the seventh of May, to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with its visitors with a wide range of activities.

Through the World Majlis, the Global Village provides an unparalleled festive atmosphere, starting with allocating an area for iftar and suhoor decorated with lights, moons and an iftar cannon, with an Arabic design for seats and majlis.

In this majlis, a range of delicious dishes and traditional drinks are offered, from breakfast to suhoor, while the evening suhoor witnesses a group of lyrical songs that ensure the most beautiful and enjoyable times for the evening to the rhythms of the original Arabic tune.

This festive atmosphere will continue with the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, as the Global Village prepares its visitors with a special festive atmosphere on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr.

Taking a "selfie"

The joy that the Global Village offers to its visitors is not complete without taking pictures, especially “selfies”, and this is why the famous destination is interested in the architectural aspect, which provides a group of sites to capture this type of photos, including the ceremonial walkway designed with colored lights, and the Arab square, which was designed from a group of horses around the world. A water fountain, and fountain shows that attract young people to take pictures with the water, along with a group of other aesthetic attractions, including the Arab Bridge, the Tower of London Bridge, the Cultural Gate, the Gate of the World, the Avenue of the World, and other sites distinguished by the beautiful architectural construction.

The Global Village is also distinguished by the engineering construction of the pavilions as well, as each one embodies the civilization of a country, and is also an attractive location for taking pictures.

• Artistic and carnival performances are presented in dozens of theaters, on a daily basis, in the famous family destination in Dubai.

• 17 million square feet, the area of ​​​​the global village, which includes 80 different cultures from East and West.

• The festive atmosphere will continue with the end of the month of Ramadan, as the Global Village promises its visitors special surprises on Eid al-Fitr.

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