For Mads Mikkelsen, if there is one adjective to describe his arrival in

Fantastic Beasts


it is that of “chaotic”.

In 2020, the franchise is going through a real crisis.

Johnny Depp having lost his libel suit against the


, British justice implicitly recognized the validity of the qualifier "wife beater" launched by the tabloid months before.

A verdict which signed the abandonment by the actor of the role of Grindelwald, requiring Warner to find a replacement as soon as possible.

The choice then fell on the star of


to whom the producers left only two days to make his decision.

Hard to get behind Johnny Depp

"It was pretty chaotic," Mads Mikkelsen conceded in an interview with

The Hollywood Reporter


The actor then rushed to see the first two films and read the script for

Dumbledore's Secrets


But the trickiest thing was obviously to get behind Johnny Depp.

“You don't want to copy what Johnny Depp did, that would be creative suicide.

Even if a role has been performed to perfection, you want to make it your own.

But you still have to build a kind of bridge between [what you do] and what came before,” he continued.

It is now up to the public to judge whether the studios made the right choice by opting for Mads Mikkelsen, the third

Fantastic Beasts

opus having arrived in theaters since April 13.


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