"There is poetry and calligraphy in the belly." Reading a good book can accumulate knowledge; reading a classic can broaden your horizons.

Therefore, reading is also often compared to spiritual food.

  April 23 is World Book Day. Chinanews.com, together with many well-known writers such as Liu Cixin and Mai Jia, jointly recommended some frequently read and often new works for readers. We also hope that readers will feel the influx of reading in their fast-paced life. the power of.

  Check out which writers and works they recommend!

Ma Boyong

Famous writer, author of "Twelve Hours in Chang'an", "Antique Bureau Middle Bureau" and many other works

  "Feng Qi Longxi": This book is a spy war theme, with the Three Kingdoms as the background.

The TV series based on this book was recently held, and everyone can read the book while watching the drama.

The book cover of "The Wind Rises in Longxi".

Photo courtesy of the publisher

  "Above the Meow Hall": It tells the interesting stories of some "meows" in the Forbidden City.

Book cover of "Above the Meow".

Photo courtesy of the publisher

  "The God of the Yangtze River": This book is not just a heavy reality, nor is it just a light fantasy, it combines reality and fantasy very completely.

Book cover of The God of the Yangtze River.

Photo courtesy of the publisher

Six Gods Leilei

Well-known self-media person, "Jin Yong fan", author of "Liu Shen Leilei Reading Tang Poems" and other works

  "Lu Xun: Mr. Big, Small Days": The book introduces Mr. Lu Xun's unusual and interesting side, such as how much alcohol?

How did he get paid?

After reading this book, you will feel that Mr. Lu Xun is more three-dimensional and richer.

"Lu Xun: Mr. Big, Small Days" book cover.

Photo courtesy of the publisher


Famous writer, author of many works such as "Story in the Cloud" and "The Dust Settles"

  "Selected Poems of Du Fu": This is the newly edited "Selected Poems of Du Fu" by Professor Mo Lifeng.

From ancient times to the present, thousands of Du poems have been compiled, but this book has still compiled a lot of new ideas.

"Selected Poems of Du Fu" book cover.

Photo courtesy of the publisher

  Birdsong Seasons: This book is a record of a person's observations of birds in his area throughout the year.

Reading such books, we will learn some ways to observe nature.

Book cover of The Season of Birds.

Photo courtesy of the publisher


Famous writer, author of "Deciphering", "Conspiracy", "The Wind", and "The Sea of ​​Life" and other works

  Mai Jia recommended two writers, one is Lu Xun from China.

Mai Jia suggested that you can spend a year reading Lu Xun's novels and essays.

When you understand Lu Xun, you will understand China.

  Another writer is Hugo.

"Les Miserables" and "Notre Dame de Paris" are all literary classics that have resounded throughout the world.

Mai Jia felt that Hugo was a great writer who knew people the most.

Book cover of Notre Dame de Paris.

Photo courtesy of the publisher

Liu Cixin

Famous writer, author of "Three-Body Problem", "Wandering Earth", "Ball Lightning", "Sea of ​​Dreams" and other works

  "Salvation Plan": As a science fiction describing solar catastrophe and space travel, the book describes alien life that can survive in stars. It is peculiarly conceived, and the story unfolds against a solid technological background. force.

"Rescue Plan" book cover.

Photo courtesy of the publisher

  "Wang Liming's Lecture Notes on Evolution": This book provides a rigorous and in-depth scientific exposition of the theory of biological evolution, a theory that profoundly affects human thought. At the same time, the author uses vivid brushstrokes to describe a large number of examples and scenarios of life evolution, which are fascinating.

Book cover of Wang Liming's Lectures on Evolution.

Photo courtesy of the publisher

Jiang Shengnan

Well-known Internet writer, researcher of Wenzhou University.

Author of many novels including "The Biography of Mi Yue"

  "Sacred Order": The book tells the story of the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty.

We have been talking about Song Yun culture all the time. What we need to know more is that behind the prosperity and culture of each era, there are actually games in all aspects of history, politics and military.

The book cover of "Sacred Order".

Photo courtesy of the publisher

  "Measuring the World": There are six short stories in the book, showing the stories of six ancient women from different angles and in different ways.

"Measure the World" book cover.

Photo courtesy of the publisher

  A good book can soothe the restless mind and fill the heart.

There is an old saying: "If people don't read, one day they will be mundane; the second day they will look in the mirror and their faces will be disgusting; the third day they will speak to people tasteless."

  Spring is in full swing.

Go read and make yourself and your life better.