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The road to endemicity is uphill.

A little more than

48 hours without the mandatory use of masks

in most interior spaces, and less than a week before

the return of Easter

, a mass holiday almost at pre-pandemic levels.

There is nothing left to do but face the obvious, infections are on the rise.

The Ministry of Health

has registered this Tuesday, with data provided by the autonomous communities,

49,143 new cases of coronavirus,

of which 21,291 have occurred in people over 60 years of age

, which brings the total number of infections in Spain to 11,786,036.

since the start of the pandemic.

A figure lower than that of the last record, 74,679 new cases last Tuesday, a few hours before discharging the end of indoor masks after 700 days of use.

Regarding the current average incidence of infections in people over 60 years of age,

Spain continues to be at 'medium risk',

already declared since the beginning of the week according to the indicators established by the Ministry.

During the last 14 days,

Health has recorded 555.47 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants,

a figure 50 points above the 505.86 reported last Tuesday by the department led by Carolina Darias.

In the last two weeks, a total of 68,423 positives have been registered in this age group.

A new surveillance strategy focused on vulnerability criteria

At the beginning of April, Health established that the cases notified as of this month correspond to people with

vulnerability criteria or related to vulnerable areas

and those who require hospital admission, and not a total of coronavirus infections.

Once Easter and its crowds are over,

the figures continue to be worrying.

The level of incidence continues to rise as Easter Sunday recedes.


cradle of thrones, tunics and hoods, has registered

5,951 new cases compared to the 8,811

in the previous report.

Other emblematic communities such as;

Aragón where 1,464 are reached

, eight more than the previous mark;

Castilla y León counts 3,414

(9,871 in the previous data);

Extremadura with 1,548

this Friday, unlike the 1,593 on Tuesday;

Madrid, with 5,752

preceded by the 4,849 of the previous data and

Valencian Community,

now has


positive cases compared to 7,581 of the previous mark.

As for those

killed by Covid-19, 203 have been reported at the last count,

which means that the coronavirus has claimed 16 more people than last week, according to published data.

This makes the global death toll from coronavirus in Spain rise to 103,908 people.

There are currently

6,119 patients admitted for covid-19 throughout Spain and 339 in an ICU

, compared to the 345 admitted to intensive care last Tuesday.

The coronavirus bed occupancy rate stands at 4.94% (compared to 4.59% on Tuesday) and in ICUs at 3.76% (compared to 3.84% three days ago) .

Accounting of the incidence in April

  • April 1st.

    Incidence in people older than 60 years: 459 cases.

    4,150 hospitalizations.

    ICU: 4.62%.

  • April 8.

    103,104 deaths.

    Incidence in people over 60 years of age: 420. 4,217 hospitalized.

    ICU: 4.08%.

  • April 12th.

    103,266 deaths.

    Incidence in the elderly: 435. 4,779 hospitalizations.

    ICU: 4.07%.

  • April 19th.

    103,721 deaths.

    Incidence in the elderly: 505. 5,635 hospitalizations.

    ICU: 3.84%.

  • April 22.

    103,908 deaths.

    Incidence in the elderly: 555. 6,119 hospitalizations.

    ICU: 3.76%.


the positivity rate

, that is, the percentage of people who test positive among all those who take the PCR test in a given time.

This rate

stands at 26.62%, compared to 25.72% on Tuesday.

Given this new technicality,

the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that this percentage be below 5%.

A percentage equal to or less than this figure indicates that the spread of the virus is controlled, as long as the diagnostic measures and strategies are carried out properly and as indicated by the international organization.

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