As the infection with the new coronavirus continues, Shigeru Omi, chairman of the new corona countermeasures subcommittee, gave a lecture at the Japan Society for Infectious Diseases, which has been held online since the 22nd. He said that it is necessary to urgently discuss what to do in such cases.

The Japan Society for Infectious Diseases, which is made up of infectious disease specialists and researchers, is held online for two days from the 22nd, and on the morning of the 22nd, Chairman Shigeru Omi of the government subcommittee gave a lecture.

Regarding the current infection situation, Mr. Omi said, "Although there are differences depending on the region, the situation remains high nationwide. From experience so far, it is known that the number of infections will increase significantly due to consecutive holidays. I'm worried about what the infection will be like. "

He also emphasized that it is necessary to continue to promote additional vaccinations and

call for avoiding situations where there is a high risk of infection ,

as the movement of people is expected to increase during the Golden Week holidays .

Regarding the response to the sudden spread of infection and the growing concern about medical pressure, Chairman Omi said, "There is an opinion that socio-economic activities should not be restricted. When the crisis is imminent, priority measures such as prevention of spread will be taken again. It is time to discuss whether to repeat strong measures such as, or whether other measures can be taken, "he said, and expressed his intention to discuss at future government subcommittees.