SBS 'I want to know' broadcasts follow-up coverage of 'Valley Murder Case'.

'Her Last Scenario-Lee Eun-hae, Cho Hyun-soo, 775 Days of Tracking' is a part of 'I Want to Know', which will be broadcast on the 23rd.

On the 16th, suspect Lee Eun-hae (31) and accomplice Jo Hyeon-su (30) were arrested in the 'valley murder case'.

On June 30, 2019, in a valley in Gyeonggi-do, Lee Eun-hae killed her husband, the late Yoon Mo (40), and tried to kill her husband Yoon several times before that. He ran away with Jo Hyun-soo.

And they were caught after 4 months of running away and 17 days after being wanted.

Lee Eun-hae's relationship with 'I want to know' dates back to 2020, two years ago.

Lee Eun-hae, who has been reporting to 'I want to know' that she is not receiving her husband's death insurance due to the brutality of her large insurance company.

However, the production team who started covering her found many things that were not clear to her, and raised suspicions that Eun-hae Lee and Hyeon-soo Cho were drowning in order to get insurance for her husband Yoon's death.

Lee Eun-hae, who claimed her innocence before the broadcast of 'I Want to Know', filed a lawsuit for injunction against broadcasting and even a lawsuit for damages after the broadcast.

As she did, she fled while she was being investigated by the prosecution.

In the end, Lee Eun-hae, who was arrested at an officetel in Ilsan, is currently under investigation under arrest.

At the persuasion of his family, the arrest was almost in the form of surrender.

However, she said, while being investigated, she is responding by saying that she is unfair to the allegations revealed by the prosecution and police investigations.

She has since escaped and she has been arrested and she is now claiming innocence rather than pleading guilty to her.

After the public wanted, a call came from the production team who were tracking the disappearance of Eun-hae Lee and Hyeon-soo Jo.

At the time, before the two were arrested, the informant said that the two men's escape was by no means accidental and appeared to be planned.

The informant said that after Lee Eun-hae avoided the investigation for a certain period of time, she was expected to be investigated again.

The production team, who was tracking the two, also discovered unusual things about their escape.

Although Lee Eun-hae was on her escape, she spent a leisurely time that could not be seen as her escapee, such as traveling with her friends or enjoying a vacation at a hotel in the city.

The production team of 'I Want to Know That' has continued to cover the unresolved suspicions after the first broadcast of the valley incident in 2020.

In the process, I was able to meet Lee Eun-hae's acquaintances in the past.

They also remembered her strange behavior.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Lee Eun-hae paid more than 500,000 won per month as insurance premiums.

Moreover, after she bought her travel insurance, she was able to confirm the circumstance that she had collected large amounts of compensation several times by falsely reporting the loss.

The acquaintances who watched this process said that Eun-hae Lee's fraudulent technique even felt professional.

And there was another suspicious incident that the production team paid attention to.

Another man who went on a trip with Lee Eun-hae died while playing in the water, just like Yoon who drowned in a valley.

The cause of death of Lee Ji-hoon (pseudonym), who died while traveling to Pattaya, Thailand in 2014, was also drowning.

Brother Lee Do-hyeon (pseudonym) said that his brother's sudden death was also disappointing, but he couldn't believe that his brother had drowned in the shallow waters where he could snorkel after checking the accident site himself.

According to him, Lee Eun-hae was the only companion and witness at the time.

The production team tracked down whether the tragic death of a 24-year-old young man, Jihoon, was an accident or another undisclosed criminal attempt.

In the process of Lee Eun-hae marrying her husband Yoon, psychologically manipulating him to enjoy her economic benefits, buying him numerous insurances, and eventually taking his life, there were not only Cho Hyun-soo but also many helpers in the process.

For this reason, experts pointed out that it is necessary to examine whether there was an organized crime aimed at Yoon's money.

Although it ended early because of the public wanted variable, there were helpers in the two people's escape.

A helper who even provided a hiding place for the two of them in Ilsan.

With his help, the two earned money while escaping, and even lived a life without regrets, using a cannon phone.

While it was almost treated as a simple accident, we look at other allegations of the 'valley murder case', which is being closely re-investigated with the efforts of many people, including the bereaved family, the police, and the prosecution, as well as the broadcast, and dig into the truth of the suspects Lee Eun-hae and Jo Hyeon-soo. , 'I want to know', which will track who the helpers are, will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 23rd.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)