[Explanation] At noon, a large pot of Qinghai boiled rice was about to come out. Zhao Guiliang and his family and neighbors were nervously and orderly dividing the boxes and sending them out on a cart.

This pot of cooked meals for nearly 100 people is about to be sent to the hands of epidemic prevention personnel at various work points near the community.

This is the third day that Zhao Guiliang and his family have delivered meals to the community's epidemic prevention workers.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Guiliang, a resident of Chengdong District

  Now these meals are to be delivered to the front-line medical staff, and 50 copies are to be delivered here. These meals have just been cooked since 8 o'clock this morning.

  [Explanation] Since the Xining epidemic began in April, after witnessing the hard work of front-line epidemic prevention personnel every day, Zhao Guiliang and his wife started with a very simple idea, just to ensure that these busy people can eat a hot meal.

So the husband and wife did what they said. On April 16, Zhao Guiliang and his wife and two neighbors were busy from 5 pm that day to the early morning of the next day, making 800 buns for the community epidemic prevention personnel.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Guiliang, a resident of Chengdong District

  We were originally going to make 200 buns, but we turned into 800 buns when we were doing them. The two enthusiastic aunties who lived next door also came to help us. After they came to help, the buns were ready at 1:30 in the morning.

The next day I woke up at four o'clock in the morning and started making steamed buns again. The steamed buns were finished by 12 o'clock at noon. After they were done, they were sent to the medical staff and staff in the yard.

  [Explanation] Since the idea of ​​cooking and delivering meals was implemented, Zhao Guiliang's family insisted on purchasing all the ingredients at their own expense.

From the beginning of delivering meals to the present, Zhao Guiliang's approach has been recognized and helped by his family and neighbors, and more and more people have begun to participate in cooking.

With the joint efforts of everyone, we can now ensure meals for hundreds of people every day.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Guiliang, a resident of Chengdong District

  Since (I) bought meat, noodles and vegetables (since), I have spent a total of 6,000 to nearly 7,000 yuan. After I bought the (ingredients) back, our aunts and aunts in the family were very happy and started to help them together. meal.

  [Explanation] It is not an easy task to make meals for hundreds of people.

From early in the morning, Zhao Guiliang's family began to prepare the meals that needed to be delivered that day.

It takes at least four hours from washing and cutting vegetables to cooking.

In addition to expressing his gratitude when delivering meals, Zhao Guiliang will carefully consult the taste and opinions of the epidemic prevention personnel who took the meal that day, and try his best to satisfy them.

  【Live sound】

  Is the saltiness of the food appropriate?

(Okay, okay) Tomorrow I'm going to make rice and stir-fry for you, you can eat what you want (Okay, we have a very good appetite every day)

  [Explanation] April coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadan. Usually, when Eid al-Fitr arrives in Qinghai every year, the Hui compatriots will entertain guests with tea and rice banquets, and neighbors will present festive food to each other to celebrate the grand festival.

Zhao Guiliang said frankly that due to the Xining epidemic, he could no longer entertain guests at home, so he changed his way and regarded these epidemic prevention personnel as his "guests". He can be satisfied when he can eat a hot meal from "home".

  [Concurrent] Zhao Guiliang, a resident of Chengdong District

  So I changed the way, that is to say (to) the front-line staff, police officers, taxi drivers, and changed the way, which is equivalent to the same guests who came to my house.

I will give them some rice, or something like buns.

They are also very hard working.

  [Explanation] The textile community where Zhao Guiliang is located is the largest, most populous and most mobile community in Yunjiakou Town. At present, nearly 300 staff members are responsible for epidemic prevention and control in the community every day.

While providing daily food security, Zhao Guiliang also gave warm motivation to the front-line epidemic prevention personnel in the community.

  [Concurrent] Ma Yanling, Community Member of Textile Community, Yunjiakou Town, Chengdong District, Xining City

  Today, Uncle Zhao prepared another delicious food. Our Qinghai delicacy is "boiled rice". When the "boiled rice" was eaten in everyone's mouth, everyone raised their thumbs and said that this meal is the past few days. Eat the best.

  [Explanation] At present, the nucleic acid testing in Chengdong District is continuing, and the good deeds of Zhao Guiliang and those around him have not stopped.

Under the condition of ensuring that meals can be delivered every day, Zhao Guiliang is also trying to change the pattern of each meal.

Zhao Guiliang said that the epidemic is a test for everyone, and only by doing our best to do what we can do can we finally overcome the difficulties together.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Guiliang, a resident of Chengdong District

  For medical staff, my current thinking is that in the future, we should try our best to make (meals) as good as possible. In the end, if the epidemic is over, it will be a good thing for all of us.

  Reporter Chen Qifeng reported from Xining, Qinghai

Responsible editor: [Yu Xiao]