Dialogue with "anti-cancer postgraduate entrance examination" girls: study and struggle have brought life back on track

  Surging News reporter trainee Chen Xu thick stone Ke

  On April 11, the "2022 Professional Degree Master's Admissions Re-examination Results Announcement Form" released by the School of Education of Guangzhou University showed that in the applied psychology major, Chen Linqiong was admitted with a score of 84.30 in the re-examination.

  In the "PubMed army", the Chen Linqiong from Chaozhou, Guangdong is a special one.

In January 2021, after diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Chen Linqiong Just think, in the treatment, rehabilitation this time, do something about it which, in the end she decided to graduate school.

So, while Chen Linqiong treatment, while preparing for postgraduate and record their own lives by shooting a short video.

PubMed notes written during Chen Linqiong

  In March this year, PubMed first test results came out, Chen Linqiong results exceeded her expectations --405 points.

After that, Chen Linqiong inspirational story in the network caused concern.

In the previous video, Chen Linqiong said, "I hope to see this video you can think of a girl cancer 'success' also test the research, then you certainly can." After that he was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer, Chen Linqiong I decided that something she wanted to make good use of the treatment, rehabilitation this time.

  On April 20, Chen Linqiong said in an interview with The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) that she had undergone 3 times of chemotherapy and 33 times of radiotherapy before and after, and ended her treatment at the end of May last year.

Currently, she is in stable condition, the need for regular review.

"When I first shared my experience (pointing to the video), I actually wanted to remind young people to pay attention to their bodies. Don't stay up late if you feel young and feel that your body will not have any problems."

  "In life there are many options to do, I hope you have the courage to encounter difficulties, a lot to try." Chen Linqiong said, trying not necessarily have a good result, but in the process there will be a certain effort the harvest.

She's in the process of PubMed, not sure in the end can not be admitted, but some things she learned during the struggle, but also let her life back on track, "I think these are already very good harvest."

Chen Linqiong postgraduate first test results of 405 points, which is beyond her expectations.

  At present, Chen Linqiong has tens of thousands of fans all over the Internet, and her story has been reported by many media.

"I don't think I'm an internet celebrity, and I don't want to be an internet celebrity. I just want to share some useful things and be a useful person to society." Chen Linqiong said that she plans to share the psychological knowledge she has learned at the graduate level.

  The official WeChat account of Guangzhou University previously stated that after the results of the re-examination were released, the teachers of the School of Education of Guangzhou University said that Chen Linqiong's spirit of facing difficulties was touching, and the experience of realizing her dream of graduate school through hard work was inspiring.

The college will care about and support her in her new journey, and provide warm-hearted help in terms of study and life. It also hopes to use her inspirational deeds as a driving force to carry out peer-to-peer learning and education among students, so that more students can learn from the example around them. Forge ahead.

In January 2021, Chen Linqiong was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.


  "The postgraduate entrance examination makes me wake up every day and know what I am going to do today"

  Surging News: When did find his body out of the question?

  Chen Linqiong: I graduated in 2019, and then I worked for two years, ready to change jobs.

In January 2021, I have already mentioned my resignation. In the last few days of work, I felt a little uncomfortable in my throat. As a result, a problem was found in the examination, and I was finally diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

  The Paper: Have you had symptoms before?

  Chen Linqiong: In March 2019, I caught a cold. At first, there was a little blood in the sputum, but it came and went, and the blood became more and more later.

In 2020, I went for a check-up, and the doctor said it was acute pharyngitis. At that time, there was no rhinoscopy and laryngoscopy of the throat. I always thought it was just pharyngitis.

Maybe the two are related.

  The Paper: Are you afraid after being diagnosed?

  Chen Linqiong: When the doctor told me that it might be cancer, I was very shocked. I thought how could it be related to cancer at such a young age.

Later, I read some knowledge about nasopharyngeal cancer and learned that the cure rate of nasopharyngeal cancer is quite high, so I am not so afraid.

I’m often in a bad mood. Sometimes I wonder why I’m so miserable. I check my Moments and see everyone is happy. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and cry, but I don’t dare to let my family see it.

  The Paper: What is the treatment process like?

  Chen Linqiong: The examination and treatment were all done at the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in Zhuhai.

I made a total of 3 courses of chemotherapy, and radiation therapy 33 times, had three days to pull four teeth.

During chemotherapy, there will be side effects, and the side effects are different each time. This is a very difficult time. I slowly accept this state, and finally I survived.

In the middle, I joined a group of patients, and everyone encouraged each other. I had side effects, so I would talk to them, and they would share some experiences.

  The Paper: How is your body now?

  Chen Linqiong: the end of last year, my treatment on all over.

No need to take medicine now, but to have regular checkups.

Sometimes I feel a little lack of qi and blood, feel a little weak, and feel tired easily.

  The Paper: Why did you decide to take the postgraduate entrance exam after getting sick?

  Chen Linqiong: I decided that something just want to make good use of it this time.

After treatment plan came out, I know six months of treatment, may have to rest for several months after treatment, this time I do not want to do nothing.

I just wish I could have been a little progress every day, before the illness, I always wanted to go entrepreneurship; the sick, that graduate school is also quite good.

  Surging News: have to treat, but also something was how time is allocated to it?

  Chen Linqiong: January 2021 --5 months, I was in the hospital, then try to learn in the hospital.

In February 2021, he decided to test the application of psychology at the University of Guangzhou, but the ward environment is still very difficult system to learn it, and then the late treatment the body is getting worse, but also no how to learn in the ward.

I do first three chemotherapy, chemotherapy is to do first nine days and then rest for two weeks, then two weeks of rest I'll study at home.

But behind the 33 rd radiotherapy, I was hospitalized fifty days, would not be able to learn.

To June 2021, I went home to rest, she has been studying at home for information.

  The Paper: Can the body bear it?

  Chen Linqiong: My parents always told me to put my body first.

For PubMed, the family is very supportive of me, but also worried about my body.

In fact, I think the postgraduate entrance examination has brought a sense of order to my life. If I do nothing after being sick, I will not feel like a normal person. The postgraduate entrance examination allows me to wake up every day and know what I am going to do today.

Exam preparation is also a gradual process. I didn’t force myself to study. When I felt very uncomfortable at first, I didn’t study much.

In June 2021, I started studying for one or two hours a day, and later increased to three or four hours, five or six hours, and entered the state in August and September.

  Plan to share psychological knowledge during postgraduate study

  Surging News: think of how to record the "anti-cancer PubMed" shoot through video?

  Chen Linqiong: Before I also like to share their lives in the social platform.

At the beginning, when I shared my experience of "anti-cancer postgraduate entrance examination", I actually wanted to remind young people to pay attention to their bodies, not to stay up late when they feel young, thinking that there will be no problems with their bodies.

After I got sick, I realized that this kind of suffering is actually so close to us, and it is not easy to live a healthy and ordinary life.

After the video was posted, I received encouragement from many netizens, and many netizens left messages saying that my experience inspired them, which made me feel that what I did was meaningful.

  Surging News: get PubMed first test results, what mood it?

  Chen Linqiong: Very happy.

A score of 405 was something I didn't expect. I estimated myself at 380. Last year's score was 380. I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd find a job if I couldn't pass the test.

  The Paper: Why did you choose to apply for Applied Psychology?

  Chen Linqiong: My undergraduate degree is business English, and my later work is related to marketing.

I think marketing is needed in any industry, and I planned to take root in the field of marketing, work hard for a few years, and then see if I can find a few friends to start a business together.

I studied psychology at first because I was interested. Later, I thought that psychology was a promising industry. I felt that psychological counseling can not only realize my self-worth, but also help others, which is very meaningful. I hope I can do it in the future. psychological counseling.

  The Paper: How many fans do you have?

Do you feel like an internet celebrity?

  Chen Linqiong: I have tens of thousands of fans all over the Internet, but I don't think I am an Internet celebrity, nor do I want to become an Internet celebrity. I just want to share some useful things and be a useful person to society.

I plan to share my knowledge of psychology at the graduate level, and see if I can do an online psychological counseling studio in the future.

  The Paper: Your inspirational story has touched many people. How do you feel?

  Chen Linqiong: Everyone may have some dark moments, or encounter some difficulties. Just like me, I have nasopharyngeal cancer, but after treatment, I can go to postgraduate entrance examination.

In fact, there are many choices in life that can be done. I hope everyone will have the courage to try more when encountering difficulties.

Efforts may not have a good result, but in the process of hard work there will be gains.

In the process of postgraduate entrance examination, I was not sure whether I could pass the entrance examination or not, but I also learned some things in the process of struggle, which brought my life back to the right track. I think these are already good gains.

I am steadily approaching my goal step by step, and the feeling of working hard every day is also very valuable.

There have been a lot of reports about me recently. There is a label of "anti-cancer postgraduate entrance examination". I saw a lot of people saying that after reading my story, they also want to go to postgraduate entrance examination and want to do something. I hope everyone makes these decisions. Thoughtful, not light-headed.