Before heading to The Hague to kick off the Invictus Games, Prince Harry made a detour to Windsor to spend some time with his grandmother.

Queen Elizabeth II has not lived at Buckingham Palace since the pandemic and, having contracted Covid-19 recently, she worries those around her and her subjects.

Her grandson is no exception and so made sure everything was fine.

"I make sure she's protected and around the right people," he told Hoda Kotb in an excerpt from the


show which airs in full tonight on NBC.


If the Duke of Sussex tried to put on a good face, his first visit in more than two years to his grandmother lasted only the time of a cup of tea.

Nevertheless, he assures that their relationship has not changed.

“She always has a great sense of humor with me.

It was really lovely to see her.

She is in great shape,” he added.

Another sign that tensions are difficult to ease, he added that "home, for now, is in the United States".

Earlier this year, however, as he sought the same police protection as when he was a senior member of the royal family, he said he felt 'at home' in the UK .

The son of Prince Charles highlighted the insecurity to which he would expose Meghan Markle and their two children if they were not protected by a state service and affirmed that it was impossible for him to return to his native country. in these conditions.

Neither the Metropolitan Police nor the British Crown have announced that they have granted additional security to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their visit to the Queen last week.


Harry and Meghan make a surprise visit to Queen Elizabeth II

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