China News Service, April 20. According to Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government updated its computer system on the 19th so that patients who have recovered from the new coronary pneumonia can receive a "recovery record QR code" to facilitate them to enter the premises where a "vaccine pass" is required. The validity period is 180. sky.

  The "Safe Travel" app has also launched a new version, adding support for the recovery record of the new coronavirus and supporting the display of electronic needle cards.

  Xu Lejian, director of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, announced at a press conference on the 19th that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government officially launched the "QR code for recovery records", and those who have recovered from the new crown can now pass the new crown pneumonia electronic vaccination and testing record system (www.evt, or you can choose to download it with "Smart Convenient" or the latest version of the "Medical Health Pass" mobile app, so that the recovered person can bring or present the QR code instead of the vaccination record into the "Vaccine Pass" to specify premises, valid for 180 days.

In addition, patients can be vaccinated against the new crown 28 days after recovery, and he called on those who recovered to continue to consider getting a second or third dose of the vaccine.

  Huang Zhiguang, deputy government information technology director of the SAR government, said that the "recovery record QR code" is used in the same way as the electronic needle card. New crown recovered patients can now download and add "safe travel" to replace the needle card.

He pointed out that if the citizen's vaccination records and "recovery record QR code" no longer meet the requirements of the "vaccine passport", the blue frame of the electronic needle card will turn red.

However, for a simplified version, even if a citizen has received four shots, the system will only display the record of the three most recent shots.

  The SAR government later issued a statement stating that those who download the "recovery record QR code" need to provide their Hong Kong identity card number, the date of issuance of the identity card, and the month of the date of discharge or positive test result for identity verification.

As for those who have been infected outside Hong Kong and have recovered, they can now use the infection or recovery records issued or recognized by the relevant regional health departments to enter the "vaccine passport" premises. The SAR Government will announce the reporting arrangements for non-local recovery records later.