Nan'an, Fujian mobilizes the enthusiasm of social forces and builds a reading space at the door of the house

  Common People's Study Room, Co-construction and Sharing (Decoding·Scholarly China)

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  Outside the window is the countryside, integrating into football games, and experiencing intangible cultural heritage skills... In the urban and rural areas of Nan'an, Fujian, there are a number of public welfare "people's study rooms" with different characteristics.

These reading spaces at home are jointly built, managed and used by social forces, and have now become an important platform for Nan'an to carry out national reading and public cultural activities.

  The school bell rang, and Su Weihao, a fifth-grade student from Central Primary School in Kangmei Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province, walked out of the school gate on time and got into his mother's electric car.

The car crossed two streets and stopped in front of the Kangmei Public Welfare Library.

Through the glass, you can see that there are many students and parents inside.

Su Weihao walked in lightly, put down his schoolbag, skillfully put on a small vest, hung up his work badge, and started volunteering.

  Since 2017, in order to standardize the development of public welfare libraries and further deepen reading for all, Nan'an has launched the construction of "Public People's Library". The public welfare libraries in urban and rural areas independently declare, and the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organizes on-the-spot inspections for quantitative scoring.

Among them, those with a score of more than 60 can be rated as "people's study", and those with higher scores are rated as star in order, and the original farmhouse bookstore is also included in the declaration.

Kangmei Public Welfare Library is a "people's study" rated as "five-star".

  Today, these "people's study rooms", jointly built, managed and used by social forces, have become an important platform for Nan'an to carry out national reading and public cultural activities.

The leaders of the preparations come from all walks of life

  As early as 2012, all administrative villages in Nan'an achieved full coverage of farmhouse bookstores.

In terms of book resources, the book resources of the two public first-level libraries in Nan'an are connected to the rural bookstores through the "big hall with small houses".

  "The effect was good at first, but gradually we found that the utilization rate of the bookstore was not high." Chen Jiasong, the head of the propaganda section of the propaganda department of the Nan'an Municipal Party Committee at that time, was mainly responsible for this work at the time. "Long-term operation requires stable personnel, funds and a A long-term management mechanism."

  How to do it?

In 2017, Nan'an launched the construction of "people's study room", expanding the public welfare library from the key rural areas to the whole city, and at the same time encouraging social forces to participate in the construction and management.

  The two public welfare libraries located in Meilin Street and Huihuang Village, Luncang Town were established by the Nan'an Public Welfare Library Association.

The association is formed by a group of people who are enthusiastic about the public welfare book business. The founder, Su Xiaoling, is a staff member of the Nan'an City Library.

Su Wenliang, the founder of Kangmei Public Welfare Library, is a professor at Fuzhou University.

Universities, associations, village committees, industry committees... In Nan'an, the leaders of the "people's study" come from all walks of life.

  With a special construction team, where will the construction funds come from?

Outside the Kangmei Public Welfare Library, a donation wall with the names of hundreds of people is particularly conspicuous.

The donation amount ranges from a few hundred yuan to several hundred thousand yuan, and the items range from the venue to every item in the library.

And such a donation wall is almost standard for all "people's study rooms" in Nan'an.

"Everyone has money to contribute, and they can contribute." Su Xiaoling said that it is a good thing to have a reading space, and it is also a beneficiary if you have built it. "Why are you not enthusiastic?"

  "The village next door has it, why don't we have it?" "Other communities have it, and we have to build it too." Under the atmosphere of mutual promotion, public welfare libraries in Nan'an have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain.

Up to now, Nan'an has built more than 500 public libraries, of which nearly 100 are relatively large-scale "people's libraries".

Managing volunteers becomes an important force

  Su Jiabin is the full-time director of the Kangmei Public Welfare Library.

In Nan'an, almost every "people's study" has a full-time administrator like Su Jiabin.

In addition to being in charge of day-to-day operations, Su Jiabin also manages a team of volunteers.

  "Volunteers are an important force in the management of public welfare libraries. For student volunteers, we will assign tasks according to the daily operation situation, and score and rate according to their performance." Su Jiabin introduced.

  In addition to student volunteers, Kangmei Public Welfare Library also has adult volunteers and non-regular volunteers who assist with regular activities.

In the villages, the volunteers of the "People's Study Room" mainly come from the villagers in and around the village.

In urban areas, volunteers mainly come from property staff and residents.

  From preparation to management, the construction of "people's study" is entirely undertaken by social forces. How to regulate it?

The Propaganda Department of the Nan'an Municipal Party Committee has set up a star rating mechanism for the "people's study", which is scored from the use of software and hardware facilities, the organization of reading activities, and the work of managers. "People's Study" to provide financial subsidies.

"We also have an exit mechanism. We have an evaluation every year, and delist the 'people's study' that fails to meet the evaluation standards of the year." Chen Jiasong introduced.

  There is also guidance in business.

In the construction of "People's Study Room", public libraries continue to provide business guidance to the "People's Study Room", sink book resources, and share electronic resources at the same time.

Use from reading platforms to public cultural spaces

  Huihuang Village is located in the Plumbing Industrial Zone of Nan'an City, where there are more than 5,000 migrant workers and their children.

In the past two years, Wang Yibao, secretary of the Party branch of Huihuang Village, found that fewer children in the village watch TV, play with mobile phones and tablet computers, and the library is often full of people.

  Huang Jiangchuan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Dingguang Village, Meishan Town, also felt the same way. Since there are more libraries in the village, the elderly are often dragged by children, and many elderly people will also look through the farmers in the library while waiting for their children. Technical books, planting techniques have also been improved.

  In the Kangmei Public Welfare Library, Su Weihao is both a volunteer and a reader.

Lovely chairs, cabin-shaped bookshelves, and unique layout of the parent-child reading area, parents are reading together with their children; on the second floor, the children's area is Su Weihao's favorite area; further inside, creative space There are building blocks, Luban locks, and abacus in it. Children can come here to experience educational games; in the multi-functional classroom next door, local college students are demonstrating scientific experiments to children...

  The use of the Kangmei Public Welfare Library is a model and epitome of the construction of Nan'an's "people's study".

In Nan'an, a large number of "people's study rooms" with their own characteristics have also emerged.

In the public library of Dengguang Village, the countryside is outside the window; the library established by the Football Association in the city center integrates football game experience and football books to cultivate readers' hobby of football; next to the New Start Book Garden in Hongmei Town, people can go to Nanyin Classroom Experience intangible heritage craftsmanship...

  "Nowadays, the 'People's Study Room' is not only a platform for all people to read, but also a space for public culture. The 'People's Study Room' is like a seed that blooms with colorful flowers," said Zeng Huiyang, director of the Propaganda Department of Nan'an Municipal Party Committee.

  Our reporter Wang Yanxin