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UK and Rwanda defend their plan on asylum seekers

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Migrants gather, brought to port by the UK Border Force after being picked up crossing the English Channel from France on April 14, 2022, in the marina of Dover, on the southeast coast of England.

Britain will send migrants and asylum seekers crossing the English Channel thousands of miles into Rwanda in a controversial deal announced on Thursday as the government attempts to crack down on record numbers of people making the perilous journey .


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The United Kingdom wants to put some asylum seekers on the plane, with a one-way ticket to Rwanda, a small African country in the Great Lakes region.

Despite the debates aroused, London and Kigali persist and sign.


The government plan, announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and signed with Kigali, aims to discourage illegal Channel crossings.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 4,500 people have arrived by sea, a figure that has been constantly increasing for 2 years. 

By conflating economic migration and refugees, London has drawn the wrath of human rights organizations, but intends to go after its project.

Details in



Marie Billon.

The challenge of welcoming Ukrainian children in European schools

The Poles welcomed more than 2.5 million Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, and among these refugees, many children of school age.

If some families decide not to enroll their children in Polish schools, in the hope that the war will end soon, or if children continue to follow courses put online by their school in Ukraine, nearly 180,000 children Ukrainians have already joined Polish schools since the beginning of the war.

Report in


by our correspondent

Sarah Bakaloglou.

Ukrainians are settling where they can in Europe.

They are already 23,000 to have joined



So far, nearly 800 children have been educated in the country's schools.

But they don't all speak English so to help them integrate and respond to this influx of students, the Irish government has called on Ukrainian teachers to come and reinforce these classes.

But the process takes time to set up

Laura Taouchanov.

Disappearance and murder of an Eastern Christian couple in Turkey

: time for trial

This April 19 opens, in Istanbul, the trial of a murder and a disappearance, that of a couple of Christians from the East.

A mysterious and sensitive affair which had deeply shaken the small Assyrian-Chaldean community in


At the beginning of January 2020, Hurmüz and Şimuni Diril, an elderly village couple, were kidnapped in


, in the south-east of the country.

The search turned up nothing until, two months later, Şimuni's body was discovered in a river.

The father was never found.

The authorities abandoned the search, not their children.

Anne Andlauer

met one of the couple's sons, in search of the truth.


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