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Steps to pass job interviews


Alaa Jarrad


April 19, 2022

Last week's article dealt with some mistakes that some people make when preparing a resume, and I thank all the readers who contacted me.

The second and most important step in the journey to obtaining a job is the personal interview, where the recruitment team has reached a conviction that there is an opportunity for the job applicant, and the team needs to know the validity of their belief, to what extent the applicant meets the requirements of the job, and whether he will be an effective and consistent member of the work team .

And here comes your golden opportunity, as not everyone has the opportunity to interview, but the elite who have been chosen, and therefore you should not miss this opportunity.

There are three stages that you should pay attention to, the most important of which is the first stage, which is preparing for the interview, where you need to get to know the company and the management nominated for it, and perhaps the team that you will conduct the interview with. The first step in this stage is to understand all available information about the business, its history, Its vision, its message, the strengths, the challenges it faces, and what is the mental image of this entity through “Social Media”, and it is not difficult to know all of this, as most of this information will be available on the website of the entity, as well as its pages on “Social Media” and in The various media, it is important for the interviewer to know that you are actually interested in working in this particular organization and not just a job, and your knowledge of that information will help you answer an important question, which is how can you contribute to the success of the work?

Or what can you offer us?

Here, it is possible to link your skills and experience with the strategic objectives of the entity, or to link it with a specific value of its institutional values ​​or its agenda,

Also, knowing this information allows you to speak the same language and terms used by the employer, which helps in establishing a kind of communication and familiarity, which is important.

The second step is to confirm the date of the interview, and whether it is “online” or face to face. If “online” is trained in using the communication platform, whether it is “Zoom” or “Microsoft Teams”, where it is necessary to practice using skills, such as sharing Your screen, and how to operate the camera. It is not correct to conduct an interview that wastes half of its time in technical problems. But if the interview is face to face, make sure that you arrive before the appointment, but do not enter the place of the interview, but rather be close to the place.

The second stage during the interview, the most important thing is to arrive on time exactly, then make sure of the time allowed for you during the interview, and do not get carried away after that time, wear an official uniform, answer the questions bearing in mind to show what you can offer to the employer, not what is written in Biography.

Try to make sure you answered the question with a question, is this what you meant?

or "Have I answered your question"?

As for the last stage, it is when you send the result. If you have won the job, they will tell you the next steps. Here you can send a thank you letter and ask for some information if you have questions. If you are not lucky, you also thank them and ask to send the reasons if possible, such as learning and development.



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