[Explanation] On April 16th, the Chinese family - 2022 "Osmanthus Cup" Guangxi (Nanning) - Taiwan (Hualien) Go and Chess Friendship Tournament will start simultaneously in Nanning City, Guangxi and Hualien County, Taiwan in the form of online games. , 24 chess players learned chess skills through the "cloud" and shared friendship.

  [Explanation] It is understood that this friendly competition is one of the six series of activities of Guangxi's "Zhuang Nationality March 3 National Sports Show".

The competition aims to connect cross-strait friendship, promote cultural integration, and inject new vitality into the development of Go, Xiangqi and other sports between the two places and add new impetus.

  [Explanation] Liu Jianfeng, president of the Guangxi Chess Association, introduced that the Friendship Tournament is a family bond that connects cross-strait friendship and promotes cultural integration.

The purpose of the game is to meet friends and enhance friendship through chess.

  [Concurrent] Liu Jianfeng, President of Guangxi Chess Association

  Because Go and Xiangqi are the crystallization of our thousands of years of cultural wisdom, and everyone likes it very much in the streets and in elegant homes, so it is a very good thing to enhance friendship and communication through Xiangqi (Go).

  [Explanation] Wu Jinju, chairman of the Taiwan Go Education Promotion Association and chairman of the Go Committee of the Hualien County Sports Association, has participated in cross-strait chess exchange activities for many times.

He said that playing chess is also called hand-talking, and the process of chess can be compared to a bridge of communication, and the purpose of communication can be achieved without speaking.

The process of chess players on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is also a process of promoting friendship.

  [Same period] Wu Jinju, Chairman of the Taiwan Go Education Promotion Association and Chairman of the Go Committee of the Hualien County Sports Association

  The two sides of the strait are a family, and Osmanthus is even closer. We hope that our players can win friendship in the competitive process of the competition.

  [Explanation] 12-year-old chess player Chen Yuhang successfully defeated his opponent in the Go game and advanced to the next round. He told reporters that this time the opponent tends to attack and the defense is weak. In the whole game of chess, the opponent's "kill move" is easier to resolve .

  [Concurrent] Guangxi chess player Chen Yuhang

  If I have a chance, I would like to go to Taiwan to visit the scene of their game, and (to understand) the style of Go in Hualien.

  [Commentary] Lin Yushu, a chess player from Guangxi, defeated his opponent and advanced to the next round. She said that every competition is a learning process.

  [Concurrent] Lin Yushu, a chess player from Guangxi

  As long as it is a game, you can learn it, because there are too many changes in Go. For example, even if you practice at ordinary times, there may be some games that you may not be very familiar with. You still have to rely on calculations. Things still have to be resolved on the spot.

  [Explanation] In the chess competition, 12-year-old Guangxi player Zhou Wuhong and Taiwan Hualien chess player fought to a draw. After the game, he also summarized the reasons for the draw.

  [Concurrent] Guangxi chess player Zhou Wuhong

  When playing chess with an adult, I have some pressure in my heart, and after a wrong move, I can only fight tenaciously with him, and finally draw a chess.

  [Explanation] It is reported that in this friendly competition, there will be 6 rounds of team competitions in the two events of Go and Xiangqi respectively, and the team award and the individual winning streak award will be determined through the number of wins.

In each round, each side has 6 players on the field, and they play against 6 players from the opposing team respectively.

According to the schedule, the opening ceremony and rounds 1-2 will be held on April 16, the rounds 3-5 will be held on April 23, and the award ceremony will be held on April 30 after the sixth round.

  Reported by Chen Yanyou and Wang Yi from Nanning, Guangxi

Responsible editor: [Wang Yu]