China News Service, Kunming, April 16 (Reporter Han Shuainan) "Through filming, recording and publicity, more people can know about intangible cultural heritage, understand intangible cultural heritage, show the value and charm of intangible cultural heritage, and show the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. Ingenuity and unique style." Zhu Baokun, vice president of the China Folk Photography Association, said on the 16th.

  On the same day, the launching ceremony of "OPPO Extraordinary Memory - Yunnan and South Africa's Material Cultural Heritage Image Competition" was held in Kunming, Yunnan.

This competition aims to use images to promote the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

At the same time, through the publicity of the competition, we will consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and empower rural revitalization.

  Zhu Baokun said at the press conference that the contest will be held from April 16 to November 30, 2022. The contest will hold an exhibition of outstanding works during this year's "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day", and an exhibition of works of the contest will be held in January 2023. .

"The epidemic has affected people's travel, but imaging technology can show people the rich intangible cultural heritage of Yunnan across time and space." Zhu Baokun said.

The picture shows the launching ceremony.

Photo by Li Jiaxian

  Yin Jiayu, director of the Yunnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, introduced that up to now, Yunnan has 2 representative lists of human intangible cultural heritage, 127 national intangible cultural heritage representative projects, and 541 provincial 125 representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage projects, and 1419 representative inheritors of provincial intangible cultural heritage projects.

There are 2 national (ethnic) cultural and ecological protection experimental zones in Dali and Diqing, and 85 provincial-level national traditional cultural ecological protection zones.

  "In recent years, we have seen traditional crafts become popular on the Internet, intangible cultural heritage online open courses are very popular among young people, and ancient intangible cultural heritage is blooming with a new charm that spans the times. This is largely due to the image recording of this A modern media technology that changes people's way of life. Images can freeze the moment, and can open an important window and platform for more people to see, understand, and fall in love with intangible cultural heritage." Yin Jiayu said.