On the morning of the 16th, a fire broke out in a room in an apartment building in Nishinari-ku, Osaka, and two people were taken to a hospital, but they were confirmed dead after that.

Police believe that the two men and women in their 80s who lived in this room died, and are proceeding with confirmation of their identities and investigating the cause of the fire.

Around 5 am on the 16th, a person living on the 2nd floor reported to the fire department that "smoke is coming out" in a 4-story steel-framed apartment building in Tsurumibashi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka.

Twenty-two fire engines were dispatched and the fire was extinguished after an hour and a half, but one room on the first floor was burnt.

According to fire departments and police, two elderly men and women were found in this room with cardiopulmonary arrest and were taken to the hospital, but were later confirmed dead.

According to the police, we are confirming the identities of two men and women in their 80s who live in this room after the fire.

The site is a residential area about 400 meters west of Hanazonocho Station on the Osaka Metro, and police and fire departments are investigating the detailed cause of the fire.