Alexis Patri 2:00 p.m., April 16, 2022

Both a very popular TV star and an actor in successful plays, Stéphane Plaza is known and recognized by the French.

A special relationship with the public of which he is very grateful and which he speaks about on Saturday on Europe 1 at the microphone of Isabelle Morizet in "There is not just one life in life".


It is a ranking of which he is, semester after semester, the number 1: that of the favorite TV hosts of the French.

In this category of the survey carried out twice a year by OpinionWay to identify the favorite personalities of the French, Stéphane Plaza stands out each time.

This was again the case in the June and December 2021 editions. But does France's best-known real estate agent appreciate this celebrity?

"I have no choice now," he laughs on Saturday at the microphone of Isabelle Morizet in the show 

There is not just one life in life

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"When I started on TV, I didn't know how big it was going to be," admits the TV host and comedian.

"Now that I'm famous, people will either say I'm a has-been or I'm still in TV. So I have no choice, and I'm taking part."

"All of this completely overwhelmed me"

If becoming famous was never an objective for him, Stéphane Plaza saw his notoriety gradually increase.

"That is to say that at one point, we said 'Stéphane is famous' and all of a sudden, I was 'Plaza'. Then I was recognized as soon as I spoke, it was my voice that was famous. Then, when we wore masks, I was even recognized by my gait and my scooter …", he explains.

"This whole thing was completely beyond me."


"Les Plaza en vadrouille": Stéphane Plaza reveals behind the scenes of the show with his father

This celebrity changed the life of Stéphane Plaza.

And the people who stop him in the street don't make him regret his life before, quite the contrary.

"I don't forget why I'm famous. It's because people watch me on TV. So whether I go to the dentist, or I'm late or I take a train, I still make the choice. to stop me if they ask me for a selfie," he explains.

"And if I have problems, I don't show it. If someone asks me something, it's because they're happy to see me. So I take time for them. Because it's thanks to those people looking at me that I can do whatever I want."