Regarding the disinfectant product "Kleberin" sold by a pharmaceutical company in Osaka Prefecture, which says "remove viruses and bacteria floating in space", the Consumer Affairs Agency has said that it will remain "placed" following the January measure order. We also ordered the company to take measures to prevent recurrence based on the prize labeling law, saying that "reasonable grounds cannot be found" for "type" products.

The order was received by Taiko Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company in Suita City, Osaka.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, Taiko Pharmaceutical has indicated that two types of products called "Kleberin", "stationary type", will be labeled as "remove viruses and bacteria floating in space" on product packages from September 2018. Was sold.

The Consumer Affairs Agency requested the submission of materials on which the labeling is based, but although data in a closed space was shown, no rational basis to support the effect in a general environment was shown. It means that.

For this reason, the Consumer Affairs Agency has issued an order to prevent recurrence of the company, saying that such labeling is a "good misidentification" of the prize labeling law.

Regarding Kleberin, in January, the Consumer Affairs Agency issued an order to prevent recurrence of four types of products, stick type and spray type, for the same reason.

Taiko Pharmaceutical has announced a comment on its website stating, "We will carefully examine the content of the measure order and consider appropriate measures."